UPMRC erects more than 100 double T-Girders in just two and a half months

double T-girder at IIT Metro Station of Kanpur Metro
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KANPUR (Metro Rail News): The civil construction of the Kanpur Metro Project is being rapidly and flawlessly executed by Uttar Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation Ltd. (UPMRC).

UPMRC has achieved a new milestone today by erecting 106 double T-girders in just about 2.5 months. The team UPMRC engineers are working day and night to complete the construction work of 9 km long Priority Corridor, which is being built between IIT, Kanpur & Motijheel. The Corridor comprises 9 Metro Stations and a total of 384 double T-girders are to be used for constructing the concourse level of these stations.

“The erection of double T-girders for preparing the concourse level of the Metro stations was commenced on 25th July 2020 and that was the first time in India when double T-girders were used for constructing concourse level of a Metro station. Erection of all the 50 double T-girders at IIT Metro station has been accomplished; double T-girders are being erected daily at Kalyanpur and SPM Metro stations. 36 double T-girders have been placed at Kalyanpur Metro Station and 20 at SPM Metro station, while 52 double T-girders are to be erected at the base of the concourse of each above mentioned Metro stations”, a statement by UPMRC added. 

“Strategic time management leading to the remarkable pace of the Kanpur Metro’s civil construction! After erecting double T-girders on one side at the Kalyanpur Metro station, the teams of UPMRC engineers have started the erection of double T-girders at SPM Metro station. Metro engineers did a tremendous job by using a unique strategy. Different teams of contractors execute different jobs at construction sites. UPMRC engineers are planning the civil construction in such a way, that at a given time no team of the contractor shall wait for their turn to execute their exclusive responsibility and sit idle”, Mr Kumar Keshav, the MD of UPMRC said praising the works of its works. 

On the completion of the erection of more than 100 double T-girders, UP Metro’s Managing Director Shri Kumar Keshav praised the strategy of the Metro engineers and said, “Utilizing the time in an appropriate manner, is the most important part of our strategy and it is the only way by which we will complete the Kanpur Metro Project’s Priority Corridor within the stipulated time.”

“I am happy that we have maintained our rhythm and speed since inception and definitely we will complete the work of the Priority Corridor between IIT and Motijheel on time, this is our commitment and we are moving forward towards our goals with the correct speed”, he further added.

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