Vizag Metro|Vijayawada Metro project to cost Rs.6,823 crore


Vijayawada: The first phase of Vijayawada Metro Rail project is estimated to cost Rs. 6,823 crore and the total length covered by the two corridors will be 26.03 km and the cost per km works out to Rs.209 crore, according to the Detailed Project Report (DPR).

While Corridor 1 between Pandit Nehru Bus Terminal and Penamaluru covers a distance of 12.76 km, Corridor 2 (Pandit Nehru Bus Terminal-Nidamanuru) covers 13.27 km. The Corridor 1 is planned to be linked to the capital city of Amaravathi and Corridor 2 would be connected to Gannavaram airport.

The Detailed Project Report mentioned the cost of the ticket to be Rs. 10 between 0-5 km, Rs.20 between 5-10 km and Rs.30 for 10 km above.

As much as 31.039 hectares of land would be required for the project – 29.444 hectares of private land and 1.595 hectares of government land.

It stated that 11.34 hectares would be required for construction of Metro Rail Depot.

The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) team predicted that the traffic demand could be 2.91 lakh trips in 2019-2020 and was expected to increase to 9.99 lakh trips by 2051-52.

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