Delhi Metro | DMRC installs PSD to avoid suicides in Phase-III metro stations


New Delhi: There were 50 cases of suicide reported in Delhi Metro premises last year, of which 18 were on the HUDA City Centre-Samaypur Badli line.

With Phase-III corridors scheduled to open soon and the decision to install platform screen doors (PSD) at all stations underway, authorities hope that the number will come down drastically. These 1.5m-long doors will not be of full length like the ones on Airport Express line but will ensure that the access to the track is completely cut off — even on elevated stations.

Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) spokesman Anuj Dayal said, “The primary reason for the PSDs is safety. Only controlled access will be possible through the platform-end doors that will be only allowed to Delhi Metro staff.”

These doors will cover the entire 140m-long platform. Also, the platform doors will open before the train’s. While closing, the train doors will close first.

These doors can withstand a significant amount of weight. “It can take up to 2.8 kilonewton of weight and can withstand mass of 280 kg per metre,” added an official. This would include factors like impact or shock as well as wind speed.

The doors, which are tamper proof and fire resistant, will be put up at all 59 stations on the two new corridors. It will also help in crowd control, the official added.

 The distance between the edge of the platform and the PSD is 25mm, while the gap between the train door and the PSD is 300mm.

The PSDs on line 7 and 8 will be different from the ones on Yellow line. While the Yellow line (HUDA City Centre-Samaypur Badli) has 1.7m-long doors — an international norm — on line 7 (Majlis Park-Shiv Vihar) and line 8 (Janakpuri west-Botanical Garden) these are 1.
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5m-long. The reason being the shorter height of Indians as compared to other nations, the official said.

“The full length doors are 2.2m-long. The ones being installed on line 2 are also higher than those on line 7 and 8. The height of 1.5m is sufficient for the purpose,” the official added. The only other line to have PSDs is the Airport Express line.


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