Delhi Metro | suicides rate increases day by day at Metro stations

This is very sad for us that Metro station are developed for the purpose of commuters facilities not for the developing suicide platform. We need to work together to reduce the suicidal rates.

Violet line Metro

New Delhi: On Friday a man commits suicide by jumped on tracks at Jangpura metro station. This majorly affected the violet Line Metro services. This is not the first suicide committed in the 2017. Later it was identified Mayur Sharma, aged 23, who jumped on the tracks at the Jangpura station. He was residing at Sadiq Nagar in South Delhi. He was preparing for competitive examination. His father is coast guard by profession.This is very painful for us that our youngsters who are bright future for our country are ending their life in such a way. The suicide rate is increasing  at Delhi Metro stations day by day.

More such Incident has occurred

On 1 March, 2018 a 30-year-old man committed suicide by jumping before a moving train at a Delhi Metro station at Chandni Chowk station.

On 6 February 2018, a 32-year-old man, who was allegedly attempting suicide at the Rohini West station of Delhi Metro.

There are such numbers of suicides cases coming out on daily basis. In India there was Close to 800 000 people die due to suicide every year, which is one person every 40 seconds. Now the main question arises that only person who is committing suicide is responsible for such incidence or the family member our society. Supreme Court of India has also declared suicides as non- criminal action. Government has also facilitated direct help for mentally ill person.

Solution to reduce suicide rate at Metro platform:

Suicide at metro platform can be reducing by installing Platform Screen Door (PSD). Platform Screen Door must be install at all the Metro station. If PSD will be installed in all the Metro station then probability of suicides rate will decrease. At present Delhi Metro has installed PSD at Magenta, Airport, Pink line but there is also argent need for installing in all other existing line.


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