Malaysia orders hybrid DMUs from chines firm CRRC Corporation

Rapid Rail
Rapid Rail

MALAYSIA’s Ministry of Communications signed two contracts with CRRC Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive for 22 metre-gauge multiple units at a ceremony in Changsha, China, on April 11.

The orders for Malayan Railways Corporation (KTM) have a total value of Yuan 1.32bn and comprise 13 regional hybrid DMUs and nine additional class 93 inter-city EMUs.

The 100km/h regional trains will be equipped with 60,000 Farad supercapacitors, which will store energy from the regenerative braking system for re-use during acceleration. Each four-car train will seat more than 500 passengers.

The 160km/h class 93s will supplement the fleet of 10 trains which entered service with KTM in September 2015. Each six-car train will seat 320 passengers.

Assembly will take place at CRRC Zhuzhou’s plant in Batu Gajah in the Malaysian state of Perak.

Source: RailJournal

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