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Editorial Calendar – Metro Rail News Magazine

Editorial Calendar 2021-22

Tentative MRTS project, Focused System and Cover Story to be covered in Upcoming Editions of Metro Rail News Magazine for the Year 2020.

Issue Art work/Editorial Submission deadline MRTS Project Focused System Article/White Paper/Story Publication Date
April 2021 25 Mar 2021 Patna Metro, Bhopal Metro, Delhi Metro Phase 4, Mumbai Metro Line 9 & Line 7 Manual for Planning, Design and Implementation of ITS/MIS for Metro System Metro Automation, Initiatives in Urban Transport during Covid – 19 and the future of MRTS 10 April 2021
May 2021 25 April 2021 Varanasi Metro, Agra Metro, Pune Metro Innovation and Best Practices in Metro Operations
& Maintenance
Public Transit System in UP, Hyperloop 10 May 2021
June 2021 25 May 20 Delhi Metrolite, Ahmedabad’s Phase 2 Innovative Urban Mobility Challenge, Digitalization of Rail Infrastructure inspection Metro Neo and Metrolite in India, Environment and future of Mass Transit. 10 June 2021
July 2021 25 June 2021 Guwahati Metro, Kochi Metro Phase 1A & 1B New Strategies and Industrial Partnerships in Mobility Industry Rail Connectivity in North East India, Metro and North East India 10 July 2021
Aug 2021 25 July 2021 Jammu Metro, Srinagar Metro, Innovative solutions How to meet the challenge of
growing urban mobility needs
Metros in Himalayas: Challenges & Opportunities, Rail Connectivity in J&K 10 Aug 2021
Sep 2021 25 Aug 2021 Bangalore Metro, Chennai Metro Sustainable, safe and affordable Public Transport Connecting the South India, Possibilities of New MRTS Projects 10 Sep 2021
Oct 2021 25 Sep 2021 Future of RRTS, Surat Metro’s Phase 1 Operational efficiency, new revenue
sources, governance frameworks, leveraging technology, digital payments,
customer experience
Featuring RRTS Projects of India, Metros around the world, Challenges in Implementation of India's first RRTS corridor 10 Nov 2021
Nov 2021 25 Oct 2021 Kolkata Metro, Chennai’s Phase 2 intelligent technologies, data driven decision making, mobility as a service Water Metro and its future in India, Cheaper public transport. 10 Oct 2021
Dec 2021 25 Nov 2021 Bengaluru’s Phase 2A & 2B Green Initiative of Metro Corporations & Indian Railway Progress in Bullet Train Projects, Year at a Glance 10 Dec 2021
Jan 2022 25 Dec 2021 Year Review 2021, Realisation of Atmanirbhar Bharat, Nagpur Broad Gauge Metro, 7 HSR corridors and Semi HSR Projects, Vijayawada Metro, Greater Nashik Metro, Metro Neo Workforce diversity and technical Skills gaps Business Opportunities & Challenges in Station Redevelopment and
Commercial Development of Railway Land, Advanced signaling & Telecom technologies
10 Jan 2021
Feb 2022 25 Jan 2022 Asset Maintenance and Predictive Analytics, light rail transit (LRT) system IoT & Big Data in Metro & Railway Opportunity & Challenges in India's First High-Speed Rail Project 10 Feb 2021
Mar 2022 25 Feb 2022 Transport Infra-Financing, Transport infra-Sustainability, Hydrogen Powered train Data Tools for Metro & Railway, Advanced signaling & Telecom technologies Improving Passenger Experience, Ticketing and Payment Innovation, Passenger information system 10 Mar 2021

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