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Editorial Calendar – Metro Rail News Magazine

Editorial Calendar 2022

Tentative MRTS project, Focused System and Cover Story to be covered in Upcoming Editions of Metro Rail News Magazine for the Year 2022.

Issue Art work/Editorial Submission deadline MRTS Project Updates Featured Project Updates Focused System Article/White Paper/Story GLOBAL TREND/TRENDING Publication Date
Jan-22 25-Dec-21 Year Review 2021, 7 HSR corridors and Semi HSR Projects, Vijayawada Metro Nagpur Broad Gauge Metro & Greater Nashik Metro, Metro Neo Business Opportunities & Challenges in Station Redevelopment and
Commercial Development of Railway Land
Realisation of Atmanirbhar Bharat Indian Railways-Green Footprints Energy 01-Jan-22
Feb-22 25-Jan-22 Navi Mumbai Metro Pune Metro Workforce diversity and technical Skills gaps, IoT & Big Data in Metro & Railway Opportunity & Challenges in India's First High-Speed Rail Project, Asset Maintenance and Predictive Analytics Efficiency in mass transportation system 01-Feb-22
Mar-22 25-Feb-22 Lucknow Metro Hydrogen Powered Train Data Tools for Metro & Railway, Advanced signaling & Telecom technologies Transport Infra-Financing, Challenges faced by Women in Public Transport Metro Railways : Promoting Low Carbon Transportation in India 01-Mar-22
Apr-22 25-Mar-22 Indore Metro & Bhoj Metro Chennai Metro Covid Protocol & Difficulties in Rail Transport Indeginous exports of Rolling Stock Transport, infra-Sustainability Future Rail creating opportunities for energy and environment 01-Apr-22
May-22 25-Apr-22 Patna Metro & Agra Metro Kolkata Metro Mobile Tickets and QR Scanning Systems (to ensure contactless travel) Advancements in Artificial Intelligence Data – Driven Mobility 01-May-22
Jun-22 25-May-22 Surat Metro & Meerut Metro Nagpur Metro Improving Passenger Experience Increased Revenue Systems and Cost-cutting measures Transforming Rail Transport Systems & Technology 01-Jun-22
Jul-22 25-Jun-22 Thane Metro & Noida Metro Namma Metro 'Wi-fi on Wheels': Internet Telecom Services in Rail Future Mobility Ecosystem Smart Railway Automation System using various Techniques 01-Jul-22
Aug-22 25-Jul-22 Vishakhapatnam Metro Delhi Metro Automated Train Examination System: ATES Sustainable & Green Mobility, Make in India: Make For world Smart Transportation & Indian Railways 01-Aug-22
Sep-22 25-Aug-22 Guwahati Metro Bengaluru Metro Affordability in Urban mobility & ways to decrease Social Divide Improving Passenger Experience 'on moving wheels' MaaS - Increasing the sustainability of Transport System 01-Sep-22
Oct-22 25-Sep-22 Prayagraj Metro, Metrolite in India (Gorakhpur, Kozhikode, Trivandrum) and Nashik Metro Neo Suburban Rail Systems n (Bengaluru & Ahmedabad, Coimbatore, Nagpur broad-gauge Metro) Operation and Maintenance System of Metro Railways Rural Empowerment through Urban Transport Systems: MetroNeo, MetroLite Urban Transportation : Way Forward & Various Challenges 01-Oct-22
Nov-22 25-Oct-22 Coimbatore Metro, Kochi Metro RRTS Project Light Urban Rail Transit System, new mode of transportation Integration of 'SMART' in Rail Systems MRTS in India: Challenges & Opportunities 01-Nov-22
Dec-22 25-Nov-22 Ahmedabad Metro Kanpur Metro & Silver Line Non-Motor Transport systems, Passenger information system Ticketing and Payment Innovation Mega Trends Impacting Future Mobility 01-Dec-22
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