Monorail | MMRDA to re-start Monorail services from Chembur to Wadala

Mumbai Monorail
Mumbai Monorail

Mumbai: There is good news for people dwelling near Chembur and Wadala area. Monorail services are to re-start from Chembur to Wadala, Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) has announced its re-starting date which is on September 01, 2018.

But till now there are only three trains out of the total nine are available. The MMRDA is expecting to get at least two more trains fit to play in the next 15 days.

The official sources said that to maintain a frequency of 15 minutes, three trains are not enough. This also signifies that the frequency of Monorail services hardly to be better than before.
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According to the plan, there is a need to have four coaches in each monorail train, and it was estimated to have ferry around 15,000 passengers daily between Chembur and Wadala. There was a halt in monorail services due to a fire incident in an empty train.

As per official information, the trial runs for the first phase of Monorail started from Wednesday, and currently, it is being carried only with three trains for six hours daily between 12 and 6 pm.

“It is not possible to start operations with mere three trains but at least a total of four to five trains are required considering a minimum of one train has to be on standby for emergencies,” senior official reveal.

An official further added that out of the total 10 trains, one train was damaged due to fire in November 2017, and out of the remaining nine trains, only three are functioning while the rest need repairs and maintenance. “We will get two more trains within the next 15 days from Malaysian operator Scomi Engineering and rest of the trains are to be repaired by February 2019.”

The above are major reasons behind MMRDA not being able to start the services on the second phase of Monorail between Wadala and Jacob Circle.

“For operations on the whole 18-km-long corridor, we will require at least 7-8 trains in functional condition. While the remaining trains now will be repaired, Scomi Engineering has to deliver us the balance five trains, as per the plans in 2008,” MMRDA official inform.

The contract for these projects was given in 2008 and the project has been in controversy since its inception due to technical glitches, fire occurs in the train, lack of efficiency etc.

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