Nagpur Metro | Head Hardened Rail for Majhi Metro reaches Nagpur from Russia

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Nagpur: The ambitious project of Nagpur, Majhi Metro, got further momentum as 550 tonnes of Head Hardened Rail reached the city from Russia. Head hardened rails are typically used in metro rail projects and high speed freight corridors. Head hardening technology entails a special heat treatment process which requires precise temperature control to achieve nearly 50 per cent higher hardness as compared to a normal rail.

Maha Metro will be using stone ballast, concrete sleepers and 1080 Grade Head Hardened Rails for running the metro rail on centrally built pillars. The Research, Development and Standards Organisation (RDSO) has made it compulsory to use of 60-kg 1080 HH Rail for Metro Rail work. The Head Hardened Rail has been used in all the metro projects in India. The length of the these HH rails is 18 meters.
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However, Nagpur Metro is the first Metro which will using 25-meter rail on an experimental basis. Majhi Metro has imported rail from Russia which has arrived in Mumbai by ship. From Mumbai, the rails were transported to Nagpur by long trailers. At present, 550 tonnes of Head Hardened Rail has reached Nagpur and the remaining will soon reach the city.

Source: Nagpur Today



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