Agra Metro Achieves Another Milestone as TBM Relaunched for Taj Mahal Station

Agra Fort to Taj Mahal underground section progresses swiftly in line with the project deadline.

TBM Relaunched for Taj Mahal Station
TBM Relaunched for Taj Mahal Station

AGRA (Metro Rail News): Agra Metro Rail Project has reached another significant milestone as the Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) Yamuna has been relaunched from Agra Fort Metro Station. This comes after the TBM successfully broke through at the station on April 25th, 2023.
The TBM, now back in action, will be heading towards the Taj Mahal station to continue its tunnelling work.

The construction of the underground section for the priority corridor of the Agra Metro Rail Project is progressing rapidly, keeping pace with the set deadline.

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In addition to TBM Yamuna, another TBM named Ganga is simultaneously executing tunnelling work for a different line. Ganga has already completed over 100 meters of the tunnel, showcasing the project’s efficiency.

The civil works for the underground stations are also advancing smoothly and have reached an advanced stage. In addition, the construction of the mid shaft at Shahjahan Garden is planned to expedite the tunnel construction process.

With its latest achievement, the Agra Metro Rail Project continues to make remarkable progress, promising improved connectivity and transportation options for the residents and tourists visiting the city.


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