An engineering marvel, Indian Railways commissions 670 m-long bridge over Bhima river

The bridge is a very important part of the 33 km long rail section which connect Maharashtra to Karnataka.

670 m long important bridge over River Bhima, the longest bridge in the zone comprising 14 spans of 45.7 m each
670 m long important bridge over River Bhima, the longest bridge in the zone comprising 14 spans of 45.7 m each

MUMBAI (Metro Rail News): The South Western Railway on Thursday commissioned the development of Lachyan-Hotgi section, which is 33 km long, as part of the doubling project from Hotgi-Kudgi-Gadag (284 km) which had been sanctioned by the Railway Board in 2014-15.

The route connects Karnataka with Maharashtra through Bijapur and Sholapur districts. The track passes through the 670 m long important bridge over River Bhima, the longest bridge in the zone comprising 14 spans of 45.7 m each which is now being seen as one of the most important developments of the route

The nationwide lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic has turned into an opportunity for the Indian Railways as it has cleared the backlog of 200 projects of critical importance in key sections during the stated time framework.

With Indian Railways suspending the passenger train services on March 25 this year in view of the pandemic and nationwide lockdown, it gained a chance to complete the pending maintenance works, including yard remodelling, repair and re-girding of old bridges, doubling, and electrification of rails and renewal of scissor crossovers. The development works along all routes across the country goes on with a rapid pace as suspension of most of the passenger train services provide railways with a better opportunity to complete its pending as well as other maintenance works.

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  1. Great Thanks to Covid19. Keep it up the team Rly. Kudos to Engineering brain. Timely use of opportunity for great work. India is proud to have these type of great people utilising the opportunity

  2. If Indian railways is capable and proven no corruption takes place then why do we have contractors like Mohan Buildcon etc who do such a shabby job,, why does the govt not give all construction work to the Indian Railways or the Army

  3. Great work, i am 56 yrs old i never thought that government can work like this way, it’s remarkable that they have used this lockdown period so well.
    I really proud of our indian railways.

  4. Great. Railways traditionally carryout pending maintenance work during such forced blockages. Maintenance or special works connected with Track & OHE requires traffic blocks, which are always very scarce. So, during Kissan Rail Roko protests or similar bandh calls, Rly’s engineer plan to crear the backlog

  5. This is Indian brain, turning a adverse condition into advantage.Engineers are acustemed to work in tight schedules.They saw a golden oppurtunity in lock down to exicute such a major block.I salute the Team Railways.
    …….A retired Track Engineer

  6. Wonderful job done by Indian Rlys in Maharashtra,Kashmir,Ladhakh,Himachal,Andhra, and Karnataka.

  7. The Modi Govt knows to convert the problems and challenges into Opportunities ,Thanks to Indian Railways and its team who worked during such a crisis situation and completed the difficult task.

  8. Any government could implement. Praise should be for the men who executed the work at the zero level daring Covid.God bless Indians

  9. Breakthrough ideas ever in last 500 yrs has happened only in last 7 yrs of modi govt
    He is not only our p.m
    A gift by ramkrishna mutt next to swamy vivekanand who also had d same name
    Ramarajyam after 11000 yrs I suppose


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