Chennai Metro to operate driverless metro on Poonamalle – Powerhouse line

By August 2024, the first three-coach driverless trains are expected to arrive in the city. It will undergo the test run at first on the tracks at Poonamalla depot.

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CHENNAI (Metro Rail News): By August 2024, Chennai Metro rail is planning to bring the first set of three-coach driverless trains to the city.
Covering 118.9 km of the city, these trains will be first operated at the Ponamalla-Powerhouse stretch in 2026 as part of the forthcoming phase 2 Chennai Metro Rail System.
At present, there are four-coach trains running on line 1; further, line 2 will have – three and, post that, six-coach trains.

According to an official, “once the coaches arrive individually, it will be connected to the train. Post that, the train would undergo some series of static and dynamic tests, which includes traction testing, train control, management system, passenger information systems, brake system, etc. These tests will be conducted first within the tracks at Poonamalle depot. Followed by the delivery of signaling systems, systems will be integrated, and trains will be further inspected in order to figure out any glitches and failures. The exact process would go for a minimum of 10-12 months.

”CMRL has ordered 26 driverless trains to run the stretch as the Poonamallee-Power house stretches a larger section of the corridor for 26.1 km.
Due to differences in design, control, and signalling systems, phase 1 trains can’t run on phase 2. Also, for phase 2, the model and colour of driverless trains have not been confirmed yet.
In October and November, a few more sets were expected to arrive. However, the first set is already scheduled to be delivered by August. RDSO (Research Designs and Standards Organization) will certify the trains before it is officially into operation.


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