Delhi Metro | Metro ticket vending machine not working, new notes are just excuse

Ticket Vending Machines installed at Delhi Metro Stations
Ticket Vending Machines installed at Delhi Metro Stations

New Delhi: Delhi Metro is well known for its development in world-wide. But how far Delhi Metro is providing best services to commuters? When Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) has increased the Metro fare reason for its increment was given to public that it was required in order to maintain Metro condition. For the convenience of commuters DMRC has done a lot but once again does it really benefits the commuters?

While travelling to metro many commuters might have been faced problem of long queue in front of ticket counter. When they find alternative option for this, most of them go for ticket vending machine (TVM) but sadly only some of those found in working condition. Then only one option remains that is to stand and wait in queue until their chance come. There is also problem with you will notice that only few of ticket counter are open, others are closed due unavailability of employees or lunch break.

Now new issue has been arise with this ticket vending machine.  It is not accepting new currency which is circulating among people after demonetisation.

“The ticket vending machines are also not recognizing damaged notes and we are trying to resolve this. Some of the old ticket vending machines (TVMs) at metro stations are still not recognizing new currencies and DMRC is taking up the issue with the vendor,” Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) Managing Director Mangu Singh said.

Recently new App was launched by Housing and Urban Affairs Secretary Durga Shanker Mishra. This mobile app will be very helpful in finding the nearest metro station, fares for desired travel, information for timings about the first and last train at stations etc. This updated mobile application will give great benefit to the people of the entire Delhi-NCR.

Apart from all those beneficial technologies DMRC needs to overcome from number of loopholes which are in their services.

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