India to introduce new Metro Rail Policy for metro projects in this month


New Delhi: After the intervention of the Prime Minister’s Office, a new Metro policy will be introduced in the Cabinet this month by making changes now. It is important that the PMO’s suggestion has been made the most important change in the policy, the Metro project will be launched only under Public Private Partnership (PPP) wherever the it is Vaibel. If it seems that the Metro project will not have enough revenue to run the private company, then the city should not include private players for the Metro project.

Apart from this, Metro project will be seen at the approval level only to see how much benefit will be by land development from Metro project. According to sources in the Urban Development Ministry, this is the first time that a separate Metro policy has been created in the country. Earlier, in 2007, the National Urban Transport Policy was created and the Metro was included in it.

Officials of the ministry say that although the draft of the policy had already been prepared, but on the occasion, the PMO has made some suggestions for the change in the policy. These suggestions are also being included in the policy draft. Urban Development Minister M. Venkaiah Naidu says that within the next one month, this policy will be presented for approval in the Cabinet.

According to the sources of the ministry, prior to PMO’s suggestion, it was emphasized that state governments should bring Metro projects on PPP in their cities i.e. money from private companies in the metro and that too later to operate the metro, but PMO Has suggested that the Metro project should not be brought on PPP, because it is a public transport for the cities. Not a great instrument.

According to sources, the PMO has also said that in the policy, it should be included in the matter that due to the formation of a Metro project the amount of land will be increased around the metro line and how it can be benefited.

In the same way how will the empty land of the surrounding land be used in the long term, it is also being included in the policy. The Government believes that the metro project will not be assessed only through cost and income, but it will also be seen that by how much it will reduce the losses due to pollution, roads maintenance, accidents, and after that Metro project will be approved. It is notable that at present, the Urban Development Ministry has come to the Detailed Project Report of Metro Project of several cities including Patna, Bhopal, Indore for approval.

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