Lucknow Metro resume services, hygiene & safety measures in place

Lucknow Metro has adopted the highest level of hygiene and safety measures for the well-being of commuters and it is the safest way to travel

Inside Lucknow Metro Train Set
Inside Lucknow Metro Train Set

LUCKNOW (Metro Rail News): Lucknow Metro is all set to resume Metro operations from 7th September 2020 with state of the art facilities for the safest travel experience. Mr. Kumar Keshav, MD, UPMRC, on Sunday conducted an inspection & took an overview of operational preparedness from Hazratganj to Munshipulia, a day before the resumption of services.

A special interactive session was also conducted at CCS Aiport Metro station for media persons showcasing the safety measures adopted & other arrangements done by Lucknow Metro catering to the commuter safety, hygiene, health & protection.

‘Lucknow Metro has laid special emphasis on contactless travel, sanitization, social distancing, hygiene & cleanliness. Various rigorous steps have been undertaken to ensure a smooth, safe, secure and convenient commuting experience to the passengers”, a statement released by the UPMRC said.

Lucknow Metro MD Showing GoSmart Travel Card

The following measures will encourage people to use Metro more often for daily travel:

Total Contactless travel with a GoSmart card: A GoSmart user enjoys a Total contactless trip right from entering the Metro station, boarding the train to exiting the premises. The automatic sensor of AFC gates detects the card from a distance without tapping it. So the only thing a GoSmart card user comes in contact with are the sanitized train seats

First Metro in India to use UV technology for token sanitization ensuring full passenger safety

First Metro with the cashless facility of multiple tokens/tickets with GoSmart card

Social distancing markings & signage at all stations to ensure an adequate gap among passengers while queuing up near Ticket Counters (TOMs), Ticket Vending Machines (TVMs), security check frisking point, entry-exit AFC gates, etc.

Social distancing marking has been done on alternate seats to maintain a sufficient gap between passengers inside the train

Frequently touched areas inside trains like grab rails, grab poles, grab handles, passenger seats & door surfaces from inside are sanitized regularly

All common contact points like entry-exit gates, baggage scanners, Ticket Vending Machines, AFC gates, escalator handrails, staircase railings, lift buttons, platform seats, etc are also sanitized regularly.

The government guidelines & Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are being complied with inside the Metro system.

UPMRC has developed a detailed Business Continuity Plan encompassing all the safety measures, instructions & regulations for passenger comfort & safety. E-copy of it can be easily accessed online by the commuters

According to guidelines of the Ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs (MoHUA), UP Metro has prepared SOP for train operations highlighting various important aspects related to commuter safety & security.

As per SOP, Metro will operate with normal timings as earlier from 7th September 2020 ie. 6 am to 10 pm & 16 trains will run with an interval of 5 mins 30 secs.

The trains will stop at every station & mask is mandatory. If anyone don’t have it they can buy it from the health desk.

Arogya Setu is recommended but not mandatory for commuters to regularly check and update status. In case any person doesn’t carry a smartphone his/her name & mobile number will be noted in the register.

The temperature of every commuter will be recorded at entry.

Commuters are advised to avoid carrying metal items in the train to facilitate contactless frisking.

It’s mandatory to sanitize hands & sanitizer will be available at every gate.

Metro trains & station premises to be sanitized at regular intervals to ensure maximum safety to passengers.

Lucknow Metro to provide Total Contactless travel compared to auto, e-rickshaw, and bus by using a smart card with no need of cash exchange & stand in queues. The entry gate will open by bringing the card near to the sensor without touching it.

Social distancing to be maintained by the following signage & alternate seating inside trains with regularly sanitized seats.

Tokens & smart cards both will be functional for commuting. For the first time in the country & in the metro sector, Lucknow Metro will sanitize tokens using UV rays to provide utmost safety to the commuters.

Mr. Kumar Keshav further added, “Lucknow Metro is city’s pride and provides the best passenger service to the public of Lucknow. For us, commuter safety & security is paramount and we are following all the guidelines of the government as per SOPs for safe train operations. We have laid special emphasis on personal hygiene, health & safety of the public which will be using Metro for daily commuting with the same enthusiasm & vigor as earlier. Lucknow Metro is the safest mode of travel and I request you all to cooperate with us in making Metro the most secure form of an urban transport system. Be positive and enjoy a peaceful traveling experience in your Metro. As Lucknow Metro resumes its operations, I welcome you all once again to travel by your own Metro with the same confidence & affection that you have bestowed upon us ever.”

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