Mathura Train Accident: Train Climbs The Platform Leaving Track on Mathura Junction 

A train from Delhi’s Shakur Basti climbed the platform on Tuesday, leaving the people in chaos.

Train Climbs The Platform Leaving Track on Mathura Junction
Train Climbs The Platform Leaving Track on Mathura Junction P.C: Sathishwaran Rajalingam

MATHURA (Metro Rail News): A train accident unfolded on Tuesday with an Electronic Multiple Unit (EMU) train suddenly climbing the platform at the Mathura Junction. 

It created chaos at the Mathura Junction, leaving all the riders in tension & stress. The incident occurred after all the passengers had alighted the train, allowing for no casualty to be reported. 

“This train comes from Shakur Basti. The train arrived at 10:49 p.m. All passengers had deboarded the train. Suddenly, the train climbed the platform. We are investigating the cause of this incident,” SK Srivastava, Director at Mathura Station, told ANI.

An investigation regarding the cause of the accident is underway. The incident also delayed a few trains, but no casualty has been reported.

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