Monorail | MMRDA and LTSE trip rate tussle soon going to resolve

Mumbai Monorail
Mumbai Monorail

Mumbai:  Good news for all the employees of Larsen & Toubro-Scomi Engineering (LTSE). Since long-lasting deadlock between the Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) and its monorail contractor {a consortium of Larsen & Toubro-Scomi Engineering (LTSE)} for trip rates is likely to be resolved soon as per official information.

In last week MMRDA’s one-member committee submitted its report.

Mr. Rajeev Metropolitan Commissioner said that the report has been submitted and now we hope that LTSE will accept its recommendations. It has suggested increasing the trip rate. We will disclose the figure only after they agree to it.

This committee report which has been prepared by former Central Railway General Manager Subodh Jain. In his committee report, he recommended that rising of trip rates from Rs 4,600 per trip. This was the rate in place until services were disrupted in November due to a fire. However, it has also rejected the contractor’s demand for Rs 18,000 per trip on the Chembur-Wadala line.

He further added that the earlier trip rate was a part of their three-year contract with MMRDA. Now that the contract is over they can demand a higher trip rate but it still has to be reasonable and they cannot make undue profits from public money. They need to get something but they should make profits with their efficiency.

He also added that we have suggested trip rates and if the LTSE accepts the recommendation we will disclose the rates. We have suggested an economic and sustainable trip rate. After going through all the parameters it will cost approximately Rs. 2.50 per passenger per kilometer.

Further, the report has also given some other recommendation:

  • No hiking of fares till the monorail runs at full capacity.
  • The staff at all stations will be limited to only 50 people, including security.
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