Mumbai Metro One to start operations from October 19 in a graded manner

Mumbai Metro
Mumbai Metro

Mumbai (Metro Rail News): Mumbai Metro One will start operations in a graded manner from Monday, October 19, 2020, from 8:30 am to 8:30 pm.

“At all point in time, Metro One has always ensured complete safety of its commuters, staff, retail partners and everyone using Metro services, as it being of paramount importance. Following the same, Mumbai Metro One has now devised critical measures to ensure that the services are safe for every person on Metro premise, thus keeping the spread of Covid-19 at bay”, it said.

Here are some of the key initiatives Metro One has undertaken/ deployed to provide the safest and most hygienic travel experience:

1. Necessary arrangements have been made to maintain social distance at all touchpoints such as – station entry gates, ticketing counters, frisking areas, platforms and trains. As Metro restarts its operations, through constant support they would encourage their patrons to occupy alternate seats and stand on designated floor markers inside the trains.

2. At ticketing counter, no plastic tokens will be issued to curb Covid-19 spread. Instead commuters are requested to opt for digital tickets, smart cards or paper QR tickets.

3. Regular disinfection of entire station area and all trains will be carried out at frequent intervals. A special disinfection protocol has been created and the housekeeping staff has been trained for upgraded cleaning & sanitization practices.

4. The temperatures inside the coaches will be maintained at 25-27 degree centigrade and fresh air supply will be increased by adjusting the damper opening. Train doors will remain open for 30 seconds at all stations and 180 seconds at terminal stations to let fresh air into the coaches. 

5. Sanitizers shall always be made available at various points inside the stations for all commuters.

6. Mumbai Metro One to start operations from October 19 in a graded. Every entrant in Metro station shall be screened through non-contact thermal screening devices.  All security staff members have been provided with safety gears to ensure their safety as well as that of commuters.

7. While complying with all safety measure, commuters are expected to travel with proper face masks and practice social distancing as stated mandatory under government guidelines.

8. The entry points at every station will be limited in order to ensure effective crowd management, screening and further movement into station areas. Suitable communication and directions for the same will be displayed for commuters to guide them to the nearest entry gate. Metro has taken all necessary & effective measures to ensure the utmost safety of commuters.

9. Metro One Health Committee is formed to keep a track & monitor the new initiatives set in place, along with addressing all concerns of our commuters, staff members and partners.

“We are restarting metro operation from 19th October in a graded manner with all Covid related precautions to ensure safe travel for our commuters. We urge Mumbaikars to support us by fulfilling all guidelines and precautions. Mumbai Metro One is committed to providing world-class service as earlier”, its spokesperson said.

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