Pune Metro | Maha Metro adopts a new version to save trees by transplantation

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What do you want? Butchery or a surgery…? This was the question Mr Devendra Jagtap (MD, Jagtap Horticulture Pvt. Ltd.) asked to Dr. Brijesh Dixit (MD, Maha Metro) approximately 4 months ago when two were discussing safe tree transplantation process for Pune Metro.. Mr. Dixit’s answer actually highlighted the honest efforts, Maha-Metro is taking to save the nature while rapidly transforming Pune’s Transportation future.
Mr Dixit said, “We don’t want a mere surgery but we want you to consider this tree transplantation operation like a Brain surgery.. Be as specific, sharp and meticulous while transplanting those trees to a new location..”
Pune Metro Tree Plantation
And finally on 9th Dec 2017, the best global scientific technology and practices for tree transplantation operation were adopted. This bench mark has been established by Lansol Landscape Solutions, A landscape Division of The well known Jagtap Nursery of Pune. The Platform was given by MAHA-METRO for its prestigious Pune Metro Project near Kasarwadi railway station. The technology and scientific methods Lansol Landscape Solutions used here today for two 7 to 10 years old Mahogany tree’s transplantation, were never been used by any of the central or state government in India.
Pune metro showed the willingness of saving Nature while progressing and allowed Jagtap Nursery to do this meticulous process. Tree transplantation operation involves highly scientific and globally adopted specifications. It is a three to four months series of activities. In these activities, tree is considered like a human. It considers tree anatomy and physiology. This operation involves high level of safety, qualified experienced technical staff, high end machinery and equipment to successfully complete the operation.
Tree transplantation starts with following steps: 1) Canopy pruning – The Arboriculture procedure is cutting very less branches of the tree. Only dry and infected branches are cut down for the sake of reducing the weight of tree during lifting process 2) Root pruning – This is a pure root anatomy study. It ensures the reduction of roots of tree without giving any shock to it. Root pruning done in three stages. Cuts are made around the tree with specific intervals. During each stage, while following very particular specifications, special care is taken to not disturb the natural inhabitants of tree. 3) Root ball making – The procedure is to secure all new roots generated during 2nd operation by covering root ball and prepare tree for transplantation. 4) Root ball lifting and transit – This procedure is high level engineering calculations, high end machinery and equipment involve making safe and comfortable transit of tree at the new location.
Lansol Landscape solutions, a landscape division of Jagtap Nursery made sure to meticulously plan and calculate all the engineering aspects without compromising on quality and most importantly safety of everybody who is involve in the process. The traffic was smoothly operating on the remaining part of the road and the operation of tree transplantation completed swiftly. New home for these trees will be a Vallabhnagar ST stand.
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Team Lansol ensures the safe transplanting of those trees to their new location. Jagtap Nursery is doing these kinds of professional Arboreal services in private landscape segments for years and now has successfully done the same in public sector for the prestigious project for Pune in the form of Pune Metro.


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