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New Delhi: The first High Speed Rapid Rail System between Delhi and Meerut is being planning for the installation of European train system so that same train can reach the other corridor and not only at the full speed. The work of widening the roads and shift utility services has also been started for the construction of this corridor and it is expected that the work of civil construction will also be started within the next few months.
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According to NCR official transport Corporation the tender process for construction in the division of Sahibabad and Ghaziabad of Delhi-Meerut Corridor will be completed soon and construction work will also be started soon. Presently,NCRTC has started work to widen the road in Ghaziabad area before construction begins.

NCR Transport Corporation says that it has now been planned in Rapid Rail that the same train will not only be one but the other corridor, hence the new European System European Train Signaling System will be installed. This system would be such that the train running from Meerut could also be sent to Sonipat and behind it, the train coming from Meerut could also be sent to Alwar. In this way, the passenger will not need to change the train from Meerut to Alwar or Sonipat.

NCRTC officials say that the specification of the train running for Rapid Rail is being finalized at this time. This train is to be run at a speed of 160 km, so the next part of this train will be like a metro and not like a bullet train.

NCR will get relief from traffic problem. Traffic problem is major issue in NCR and also economically it is not growing so even facing environmental problem.  About 46 million people live in 58 thousand square kilometers of NCR 39 percent of the NCR population lives in Delhi, which is just 3 percent of the total NCR in the area. NCR’s share in the country’s GDP which is seven per cent. Preparation for sanctioning one of these rapid rail projects has caught hold of it. In the first phase of Rapid Rail, the corridor connecting Delhi and Meerut will be started. State Chief Secretary Anup Chandra Pandey said that during this time the officers of NCRTC and Metro Rail Corporation were invited in Lucknow.

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