TBM S115 Achieves Breakthrough at RBS College for Agra Metro Phase 1

Afcons Infrastructure - Sam India Consortium's TBM Progresses Rapidly


AGRA (Metro Rail News): Afcons Infrastructure – Sam India Consortium drills further for the Agra Metro Phase 1 project. Tunnel boring machine (TBM) S115 successfully achieved breakthrough at RBS College Station for Line-1 (Sikandra – Taj East Gate). The project, a joint endeavor of Afcons Infrastructure and Sam India, aims to enhance transportation infrastructure in Agra, easing severe road congestion and pollution while serving millions of residents and tourists annually.

TBM S115 Head after the breakthrough (Picture credit- Gaurav Chauhan)

Breakthrough Achievement: TBM S115

TBM S115, a refurbished Terratec Earth Pressure Balance (EPB) machine, commenced its journey in December 2023 to construct a 2.2 km tunnel for the up-line from RBS College Ramp towards Agra College Interchange Station.

TBM S115 did excavation and construction of a 720-meter tunnel for the up-line from RBS Ramp to RBS College Station. With this breakthrough, the machine will now be pulled through RBS College’s station box, recommissioned, and set on its journey towards Raja Ki Mandi Station, covering approximately 640 meters.

Picture credit- Gaurav Chauhan

Project Scope and Progress

The Agra Metro Phase 1 project’s AGCC-02 package involves designing and constructing a tunnel from the beginning of the underground ramp near Fatehabad Road Metro station to the end of the ramp after RBS college Metro station. This includes the construction of seven underground metro stations, namely Taj Mahal, Agra Fort, Jama Masjid, S.N. Medical college, Agra college, RBS college, and Raja ki Mandi. The package also includes architectural finishes, E&M, TVS, ECS, etc., along Corridor-1 of the Agra MRTS Project in Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India.

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Based on Technical and Financial evaluation of offers submitted on CPP Portal and as per terms and conditions of the tender AGCC-02, tender had been awarded to M/s AFCONS-SAM INDIA Consortium on 14.03.2022 at a total cost of INR 1773,27,00,000.00 and EURO 52,54,554 with total equivalent to INR 1819,79,90,757.00 with the approval of competent authority i.e. MD/UPMRCL.

Future Plans and Breakthrough Projections

Following the breakthrough achievement of TBM S115, the project anticipates a total of 10 breakthroughs between RBS College Ramp and Mankameshwar Mandir (Jama Masjid), with nine more breakthroughs yet to be realized. The next breakthrough is expected to be achieved by S-718C (TBM Shivaji), commissioned in January, responsible for constructing the parallel down-line tunnel from RBS Ramp to RBS College Station.
Once operational, the metro system will serve as a lifeline for approximately 2.6 million Agra residents and cater to the needs of six million tourists annually.

Global Impact

The Agra Metro project aligns with various national and international agendas, including India’s National Urban Transport Policy and Agra’s Comprehensive Mobility Plan. Furthermore, the project contributes to achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) such as SDG 13 (climate action), SDG 11 (sustainable cities and communities), and SDG 9 (infrastructure), along with India’s Paris Alignment targets.

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