UPMRC completes work on 400 Piles in five-month for Agra Metro

UPMRC ensures workers safety by following Covid protocol

Agra Metro construction
Agra Metro construction

AGRA (Metro Rail News): It has been 5 months since 7th December 2020 when Agra Metro construction work was inaugurated by Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. During this entire period, Agra Metro has achieved fast progress and several milestones in the civil construction work of Agra Metro.

400 piles out of a total of 686 for the 3km elevated section of priority corridor i.e from Taj East Gate to Jama Masjid in Agra Metro Project have been completed till date. Along with this, 45 pile caps and 16 piers have also been completed for this section from Taj east gate to Fatehabad Road.

During this corona pandemic, UP Metro is handling the situation very tactfully to maintain the progress of the civil construction work. The most important factor for construction work is the labour force and under Agra Metro Project, proper measures are undertaken to ensure labour safety and convenience.

Glimpse of Agra Metro project Construction Site

Several groups of 15 labourers have been made and strict directions are given to each group to not come in contact of each other.

Before the beginning of work each day, there is regular thermal screening done for every labourer.

Also it is ensured that all the labourers wear mask and gloves and there are spare masks and gloves readily available at the construction site too, in case need be.

There is also availability of a doctor and a nurse at the casting yard in case any labourer needs medical help any time of the day.

Appreciating the efforts of Agra Metro Project team, Managing Director, UPMRC Shri Kumar Keshav said, “Vigour and Enthusiasm of UPMRC team is unbeatable. Agra Metro has achieved completion of 400 piles today inspite of all odds. Congratulations to team of Engineers of UPMRC, who have made this possible with there efforts.”

It is to be noted that Agra Metro Project’s civil construction work is going on for Priority section of first corridor, which runs from Taj East Gate to Sikandara. The priority section is a 6 km stretch from Taj East Gate to Jama Masjid, which comprises of 3 km elevated and 3 km underground section.

Till date, 400 piles, 45 pile caps and 16 piers (pillers) have been completed. 2 pier caps have also been casted and there placing at site is to be done very soon.

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