Editorial Calendar – Metro Rail News Magazine

Editorial Calendar 2020-21

Tentative MRTS project, Focused System and Cover Story to be covered in Upcoming Editions of Metro Rail News Magazine for the Year 2020.
IssueArt work/Editorial Submission deadlineMRTS ProjectFocused SystemArticle/White Paper/StoryPublication Date
Apr-2015th Mar. 2020Delhi Metro Phase IV, Greater Noida Metro, Ghaziabad MetroHVAC and Refrigeration Equipment, VRV/VRF, Tunnel Ventilation System (TVS)Impact of shared mobility on public transport, Ropeway and PRT as MRTS10-Apr-20
May-2015th Apr. 2020Jammu & Srinagar MetroCivil Construction, Viaduct & Tunneling EquipmentClean Air Action Plan: Mitigation in Urban Transport Sector in Reducing Pollution10-May-20
Jun-2015th May 2020Indore & Bhopal MetroData Acquisition & Control Device, Audio & Display SystemsAccessible Mobility10-Jun-20
Jul-2015th Jun. 2020Ahmedabad & Surat Metro, Dholera Metro, High Speed Rail ProjectPower Supply, Traction And SCADA, CBTC, OCC, ATP, CBIAvenues for Increased Revenue and Cost Cutting Methods in Metro Rail System10-Jul-20
Aug-2015th Jul. 2020Lucknow Metro, Kanpur Metro, Agra MetroPit Jack / Bogie Drop, Mobile Lifting Jacks, Wheel Press, Automatic Washing Plant, Driving Cab SimulatorMoving Ahead on NCMC10-Aug-20
Sep-2015th Aug. 2020Hyderabad Metro, Patna Metro, Thane MetroBogie, Brakes & Pneumatics, Steel Structure, Fail Safe Pneumatic Emergency Air Brake, Traction?Brake controller handleInnovation, Digitalization, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence applications in Mass Public Transport, Innovative ways of Funding and Financing10-Sep-20
Oct-2015th Sep. 2020Kolkata Metro, Dehradun Metro, Meerut MetroBrakes, Couplers, Propulsion System, Train Control,Smart Trains and connected Urban Rail, Improved Public Transport and Inclusive Mobility10-Oct-20
Nov-2015th Oct. 2020Chennai Metro, Kochi Metro, Visakhapatnam MetroDTS System, ATO, ATP, ATS and EI SystemsTechnology and Climate Change in Urban Transport10-Nov-20
Dec-2015th Nov. 2020Bangalore Metro, RRTS, Nashik MetroAutomatic Train Supervision, Passenger Emergency Alarm, Passenger Addressing SystemChild Friendly Mobility, Trends on Metro Automation, Unattended Train Operations (UTO)10-Dec-20
Jan 202115th Dec 2020Year Review 2020, Maglev train technology,
Nagpur Broad Guage Metro, Guwahati Metro
Condition Monitoring and Sensoring in Urban
Transport Technologies, The impact of digital
technologies on the rail industry
How Data-based tools will affect/influence
URBAN RAIL IN INDIA (Metro Rail, Commuter Rail,
Light Rail Transit (LRT) and Regional Rapid Transit
(RRT)) in the POST COVID-19 Period OF TIME.
10 Jan 2021
Feb 202115th Jan 2020Under Consideration Metro Project, HSR and
Semi HSR Projects, Vijayawada Metro, Greater
Nashik Metro
Significance of Building Information Modelling
(BIM) in Indian Metro and RRT Projects
Advancing Digital Workflows for Asset
Performance Modelling of Transit Systems,
10 Feb 2021
Mar 202115th Feb 2020Gorakhpur Metro, Visakhapatnam Metro,
Coimbatore Metro, Jabalpur Metro, Prayagraj
Metro, Bareilly Metro, Ranchi Metro
Safety and Security in Metro Rail ProjectsPOWER OF BIG DATA, DATA ANALYTICS and 5 G
10 Mar 2021