My 6 years innings at Bangalore Metro ends in April 2017 – K.L. Mohan Rao

K.L. Mohan rao, Principal, BMRC Training Institute

It seems the other day I joined Metro Rail Corporation, as a Founder Principal of BMRC Training Institute. A Mechanical engineer by profession, been a enterprenuer for more than 25 years in the field of Aluminium fabrication, electro colouring, PU coatings, with specialization in computer site planning and installation. Carried out turn key jobs for the major computer room installation in Bangalore through Computer maintenance corporation Ltd.

Entered the field of contract in with the leading PSU’s like HAL, ITI, BEML and Major projects with the Garrison engineers south.

Established a huge anodising and electro colouring, semi automatic plant with 21 ft tanks, in the year 1991 investing more than 21 lakhs of hard earned money.

Went through a very turbalant challenging life, because of huge financial loss and pressure from bank, financial institutions, ESI, PF, Customs & sales tax. It appeared that the end of a self made entrepreneur, without financial backing and even mental support. The pressure was so much that, go to any place whether marriage, birthday or funeral, there was some face, which reminded of the financial commitment to them. The world seems to be merging on me with tha bank recalling, the working capital and the financial institute threatening to the auction all my properties.

The attitude and the commitement towards my family with the only son gave a strength to fight. Thus started a new era from a turn key contractor to a labour contractor. It took a lot of strength, courage to survive for the sake of my son. From a owner of a Maruthi Van, life started with a borrowed Hero Puch.

A frank discussion with a client giving an honest financial back ground and shifting most of the machines, to their premises with a promise to deliver in time and a minimum of 20 % savings in the total project started the labour contractor’s life. Burning away the pride of being a factory owner and ego’s travelling from a four wheeler to a two wheeler. Meeting people knowing fully well of being looked down upon, more so by the relatives and so called friends. Keeping only one motto “Hum honge Kaam yaab, Ek din”. Went on from 6 lakhs to nearly 3 crores labour contract with the timely help of the client not only financially but also getting an engineering seat, followed subsequently, by getting a MBA seat for my faithful well behaved, supporting great son of mine.

Thus started a new Era of relationship with educational Institutions and getting support from most of them.

As a labour contractor, could come out of debts from nearly 33 people, Bank and financial Institutions. But all these has costed me my youth and converted into a 50 year old man full of wisdom and an attitude to give back to the society. My gratitude to the great Institutions what is today called as PES IT University.

At one stroke, took a decision to bulldoze the factory and converting it into an empty land to be later getting into a joint venture with a builder. A new life started there, where training came into my life. Became the chairman of the Builders Association of India, Karnatak Centre., in 2002 and with the grace of god, managed to train and employ more than 5500 Civil engineers and Artisans in the leading construction Industries.

Was invited by the Govt of Karnataka to head as Founder Director of Koushalya Shaale, an enterprise of Rajiv Gandhi Rural Housing Corporation, in the year 2009. After making this unit self sustaining, switched over as consultant to IAPMO- International Association of Plumbing & Mechanical Officers and RMCMA (Ready Mix Concrete Manufacturing Association).

A major change in life came in by an invitation from the Managing Director of BMRCL in 2011 to establish a training centre at Baiyappanahalli, with an initial contract for 3 years. This was extended by 2 years and then 1 year. One of the best, rewarding, satisfied career of my lifetime in this great organization BMRCL. Today I would like to move on to my next goal of training and employing atleast 1 lakh rural and urban educated and uneducated unemployed youths of Karnataka, in this lifetime.

I pray God to give me health and strength to work towards this goal.This is a zest of my life from graduating from BMS Engineering college in 1975, 1st employment as Asst. Engineer in Bharat Gold Mines, KGF, then Production In-charge in a private company ECIE.

(The writer is Principal at Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Training Institute, Bangaluru. This article was first published in pulse)

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