MAHSR Project: 98.5% of Land Acquisition process completed in Gujarat whereas Maharashtra lags behind

Satish Agnihotri, MD, NHSRCL, stated that they are still waiting for the land acquisition process to get over in Maharashtra

Bullet train/ Representational image

NEW DELHI, INDIA (Metro Rail News): As per the National High-Speed Rail Corporation Limited (NHSRCL), the deadline for the trial on the 50km stretch of Bilimora to Surat of the Mumbai-Ahmedabad High-Speed Rail Corridor is 2026, but it may get extended to 2027 also. The land acquisition work is also carried out at an incredible pace as 98.5 % of land in Gujarat has been procured, whereas, in Maharashtra, it’s only 44% and that too in the Palghar district. On the other hand, not much progress is witnessed on the land acquisition in Mumbai and Thane region.

Moreover, the officials of NHSRCL also proclaimed that until and unless the land acquisition process is not completed, there cannot be any clear deadline for starting the bullet train on the entire route of 508km Mumbai-Ahmedabad route.

Satish Agnihotri, MD, NHSRCL, stated that they are still waiting for the land acquisition process to get over in Maharashtra. They are continuously in talks with the State Government about this. As per the recent updates, 44% of the land has been acquired in three districts of Maharashtra- Thane, Palghar and Mumbai, for ex: In Palghar, from 287 hectares of land, 116 hectares of land remains to be acquired. The land required in Mumbai and Thane districts is around 432 hectares comprising of the forest, private and government land, whereas, in Gujarat, the NHSRCL has already acquired the 98% of the 352 Km of land needed for the project.

On 26 December, CM of Gujarat, Bhupendra Patel, visited the casting yard at Surat to get the project’s updates. Presently, 950 girders are being cast at the yard, which will take 15 days to complete the project. The next batch of 1500 girders will establish the most robust pillars and rail girders to accommodate bullet trains running at 350 kmph. The project’s total estimated cost is Rs.1.08 Lakh crores, out of which Rs. 72,000 crores will be spent in Gujarat only. NHSRCL also exclaimed about the cost going up.


  1. Maharastra state govt is trying to delay & put hurdle in completion of project. The public must note this fact and stop voting to such anti-national parties who are hindrance in progress of country especially regional parties which is personal property of individual and there is no democracy in the regional parties as all party workers have to bow & obey before master.


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