A New Year’s Greetings from the Managing Editor


I’m delighted to take this opportunity to wish our readers, my colleagues, members of the Editorial Advisory Board, all of our independent expert referees a Happy and Prosperous New Year 2022 and thank you for your continuous support and invaluable contributions to the success of Metro Rail News.

New Year is the time to make resolutions. Let us all resolve to create a better, healthier, and peaceful environment.

We at Metro Rail News give our best to provide you with true and transparent information from the Metro and Rail sector. We are also pleased to say that the number of subscribers and advertisers increase has increased significantly in the Year 2021, and we are fully confident that this trend will continue.

This year will be special because like last year Metro Rail News will organize an event namely InnoMetro (2ND Edition) on 28th, 29th and 30th April 2022, virtually. InnoMetro is a global Platform to Showcase innovations and the latest technologies for Metro, Railway, RRTS, High-Speed Rail & Allied Industries. In the 2nd Edition of InnoMetro key topics are passengers’ safety and comfort, continuous improvement of Metro Services, cost-cutting of metro project and Increase in ridership.

The event is tailored to give you and your peers insights into significant trends influencing the urban mobility sector while also providing one-on-one networking opportunities. Furthermore, the event creates the ideal venue for the latest technology and innovations with new product demonstrations while-emphasizing audience quality and demand.

After getting overwhelming responses from our Speakers, Sponsors, Exhibitors & Audiences, this time, InnoMetro (2ND Edition) is back with some latest topics and excitements. So, get ready to witness the unforeseen event of the decade and share knowledge on one platform.

I wish you again a Happy New Year.

Stay Safe Stay Healthy!!


Narendra Shah

(Managing Editor)

Email Id: [email protected]


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