Air India Collaborates with DMRC and DIAL to Provide Check-in Facility for International Passengers

Delhi Metro/Representational Image

New Delhi (Metro Rail News): Air India, Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) and Delhi International Airport Ltd have formed a strategic partnership to provide check-in facilities at the two metro stations of DMRC. This will enable international passengers to drop off their luggage at the New Delhi metro station and Shivaji Stadium metro station, ultimately eliminating the need to carry baggage while travellers explore the city.

To implement this facility, DMRC and DIAL have jointly developed an advanced automated system that efficiently loads baggage onto aircraft during this time.

This facility is currently available only for domestic travellers but will now be extended to international travellers. Passengers coming from other countries can avail of this service at New Delhi and Shivaji Stadium metro stations from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m according to the statement released by Air India

The metro rail boasts a frequency of 10 minutes, and it roughly takes 19 minutes to reach the departure level at Terminal 3 of Delhi Airport.  It also mentioned that check-in for domestic flights can be completed between 12 hours and 2 hours before departure, while check-in for international flights can be done between 4 hours and 2 hours prior to departure.

“This initiative not only provides a cost-effective option for travellers coming from distant locations but also helps control congestion at the airport, leading to a better experience for all our customers. This initiative will significantly enhance the convenience of our customers”, stated Rajesh Dogra, Chief Customer Experience Officer at Air India.


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