Alert Delhi Metro staffers felicitated for saving life of commuters by cops

DMRC Yellow Line
Delhi Metro Train

New Delhi: It is indeed rewarding to stay alert, especially if you are working with Delhi Metro. That is what Delhi cops did, it felicitated alert Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) staffers who saved metro commuters life.

This novel initiative by Delhi cop has come as a positive step, both for public and metro staff members. In the list of awardees there are drivers, train operators as well those working with DMRC.

Citing an example, a train driver saved life of a 57-year-old man who jumped in front of a moving metro train at JLN Stadium. Thanks to the alertness of Delhi metro train driver, this man who was allegedly attempting a suicide was saved within no time.

There was another attempt by a 23-year-old man who was spotted on tracks of Udyog Bhawan metro station by train operators. The train was stopped right on time and this man’s life was saved by DMRC train operators on spotting him on the tracks. This incident took place on July 18.

These many such incidents wherein DMRC’s staff members’ alertness has saved many lives. Many staff members will now be rewarded under Delhi Police’s initiative.

The aim of this initiative is to build a rapport with DMRC’s officials. Alert staffer will be awarded certification of appreciation.
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DMRC has also welcomed this new initiative.

Executive Director, Corporate Communications Anuj Dayal of DMRC appreciating the gesture. Dayal informs that all train operators under intensive training at their institute before put on job. It is due to training and their commitment towards their job that help in saving lives.

All employees have to appear for psychometric test before joining the project. The tests assesses the incumbents ability to react quickly adds Dayal.

During DMRC’s foundation day celebration DMRC had awarded a Delhi Police.

A cop from Delhi Police was conferred with Managing Directors Award for meritorious performance. DMRC was aided by cop in a metro cable theft case. This officer was awarded by DMRC on Foundation day.

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