Alstom bags €200 mn contract to supply 32 Coradia Continental regional trains to HLB

The Central Hesse subnetwork in Germany will become operational in 2023

Alstom's Coradia Continental regional trains
Alstom's Coradia Continental regional trains
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Alstom has announced a new order received from Hessische Landesbahn GmbH (HLB). Alstom said “Hessische Landesbahn GmbH (HLB) has ordered 32 Coradia Continental electric multiple unit from Alstom”. This order is divided into twelve 4-unit trains and twenty 5-unit trains, with a total value of roughly €200 million. Starting in December 2023, the trains will be deployed on the Central Hesse subnetwork managed by HLB and will run on the following lines:

Line RB37: Kirchain through Marburg and Giessen to Frankfurt Central Station.

Line RB40 connects Dillenburg with Frankfurt Central Station through Gießen;

 Line RB41 connects Schwalmstadt with Frankfurt Central Station through Treysa and Giessen.

Line RB49: Giessen via Freidburg to Hanau Central Station.

Alstom said “We are thrilled that Hessische Landesbahn has chosen our cutting-edge electric multiple units once more. The Coradia Continental is an excellent choice for regional transportation in Central Hesse. It is dependable, swift, and quiet, and it provides optimum passenger comfort as well as ample room for bicycles and baggage.

 Müslüm Yakisan, President of Alstom in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland also added , “I am very glad that HLB has renewed its faith in Alstom; 35 identical trains have been operating extremely reliably on HLB’s Southern Hesse-Untermain subnetwork since 2018,” The Coradia Continental can attain speeds of up to 160 km/h and is available in a variety of colours.

The Coradia Continental can attain speeds of up to 160 km/h and has 200 and 280 passengers in four- and five-section configurations, respectively. Various multi-purpose facilities provide enough space for wheelchairs, bicycles, and baby carriages. Because the trains’ driving machinery is on the roof, the cabin is generously spacious, with a broad, step-free corridor for improved passenger movement. An altered boarding height, in conjunction with extra sliding stairs, enables highly comfortable vehicle access. Wi-Fi, electrical ports for charging devices, video monitoring, and a real-time passenger information system that shows rail link information are all available aboard the Coradia Continental.

“In terms of maintenance, dependability, and passenger comfort, we have had a fantastic experience with this vehicle in southern Hesse. As a result, we are delighted to start employing the Coradia Continental trains in our new Central Hesse network in December 2023,” says Veit Salzmann, Managing Director of Hessische Landesbahn.

Alstom’s Coradia modular train series is the result of more than 30 years of continuous research and established technical solutions. More than 3,300 Coradia trains have been sold to date, with around 2,900 now in service in Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Sweden, and Canada.


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