Alstom Launches LEAP Program to Enhance Last-Mile Connectivity to Bengaluru Metro

Alstom kicks-off Low Emission Access to Public Transport (LEAP) program to enhance last-mile sustainable connectivity to metro stations in Bengaluru_1
Alstom kicks-off Low Emission Access to Public Transport (LEAP) program to enhance last-mile sustainable connectivity to metro stations in Bengaluru_1
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BENGALURU (Metro Rail News): Alstom unveiled the Low Emission Access to Public Transport (LEAP) program, an initiative under its Corporate Social Responsibility endeavor. LEAP aims to bolster last-mile connectivity and promote greater usage of public transport. As part of the program’s pilot phase, electric autorickshaws provided by MetroRide will operate as last-mile services from Yelachenahalli and Indiranagar stations of the Namma Metro in Bengaluru. MetroRide, a startup mentored under Alstom’s Sustainability Incubation Program, has trained approximately 25 women drivers to operate the electric rickshaws in the region. Commuters can conveniently book rides through the MetroRide app.

The program’s inauguration witnessed the presence of Olivier Loison, Managing Director of Alstom India, Mr. Srinivas Alavilli from WRI India, Mr. Rajeev Gowda, Vice Chairman of the State Institute for the Transformation of Karnataka, and Smt. Kalpana Kataria, Executive Director (Connectivity & Asset Management) of Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited.

Olivier Loison highlighted the pivotal role of Namma Metro in alleviating Bengaluru’s traffic challenges and emphasized LEAP as a significant step towards promoting public transport. Through collaboration with WRI India and leveraging the innovations brought forth by MetroRide, Alstom aims to address the last-mile connectivity issue effectively. The program seeks to enhance the metro experience, making it more accessible, efficient, and environmentally friendly.

Bengaluru, known for its congested roads and high private car usage, faces a significant last-mile connectivity challenge, particularly for metro commuters. LEAP aims to bridge this gap by improving access to Bengaluru Metro, especially for women, and fostering women’s participation in the transport workforce. WRI India’s collaboration underscores a commitment to data-driven decision-making in public transport, aiming to provide safe, low-cost, and low-emission transport options while contributing to sustainable livelihoods.

Alstom’s partnership with NRSCEL, IIM Bangalore’s incubation center for startups, reflects its dedication to combatting climate change and addressing sustainability and mobility challenges. LEAP, as a flagship program under Alstom’s impact pillar, is poised to expand to other metro stations, ultimately increasing metro ridership and providing connectivity to high-frequency hubs


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