Bangalore Metro | BMRC’s annual revenue loss crosses Rs 500 crore

According to BMRC official, the income has increased this year, but the losses increased due to the increase in expenses.


Bengaluru: Despite carrying 4 lakh passengers every day in Bangalore this year, the Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation (BMRC) has suffered revenue losses and it has reached the highest level in last three years. But Metro management believes that it will be able to convert the deficit into profit.

According to information received from Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation (BMRC), from April 2017 to March 2018, the BMRC has lost Rs 538.75 crore. According to officials, income has increased this year, but the losses increased due to the increase in the cost. According to the data, Bangalore Metro earned an income of Rs. 324.95 crores this year from the sale of tickets.

Apart from this, BMRC has earned income of Rs 14.
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80 crores from the open shops and ATMs of the banks at the Metro stations. BMRC spent a total of Rs 767.08 crores, including Rs 78.28 crores on the salary of employees during this time period.

Revenue loss in three years

  • 2015-16 341.00 crores
  • 2016-17, 457.88 million
  • 2017-18 538.05 crores

Revenue will increase in service expansion

BMRC Managing Director Mahendra Jain says that BMRC is currently also working in infrastructure development with operations, which is not benefiting as expected. He said that at present, BMRC is working on various projects for construction work, which is spending a lot of money. The extension of the Bangalore Metro is being worked on. In the coming days, the number of passengers will increase and the metro will get benefit.

Cheap electricity will also benefit

Jain said that Bangalore Metro takes electricity from Bengaluru Power Supply Company (BASSCOM). In that year-2016-17, electricity was given to Rs 6 per unit. In the year 2017-18, the corporation gets revenue of Rs 1 crore annually due to decrease in electricity charges to Rs 5 per unit. Apart from this, the expansion of the stations and other items are also expected to increase the revenue of the Bangalore Metro.

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