Bangalore Metro | Security man demands riders to speak in Hindi

bangalore metro
bangalore metro

Bengaluru: A commuter travelling in Bangalore Metro had a rather bizarre experience. A security staff member stationed at Lalbaugh Metro Station demanded a senior IT manger to speak in Hindi with him. This was a rather ‘rude behaviour’ which caught the commuter off-guard.

The incident took place when a senior manager from well-known IT firm was travelling in metro. He was not very happy when a security staff member put up unruly demand.

The agitated commuters logged a complaint with customer care and ticketing staff as well. Going a step further he also conveyed the incident to Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Ltd (BMRCL) top officials.

As per the commuters, Prakash (name withheld on request) was rushing towards the metro station during rains. He was to take a train and escape from the rains. Prakash asked the security guard at the station regarding elevator. The staff in turn ordered him to only speak with him in Hindi. The demand took the traveller by surprise. This incident took place on September 15 at Bangalore Metro Station.

While speaking to Indian Express the commuter shared his experience. He was quoted as, “Brandishing his ‘lathi’ and hitting it on his own left hand, he asked me if I knew Hindi. He then told me to learn Hindi.”

Prakash felt that it is okay if the security guard was not well-versed with Kannada. He felt that the guard could have politely put up the request since Prakash can fluently speak in Hindi as well.

He also tweeted it to BMRCL Public Relations Officer U A Vasanth Rao: Can the BMRCL Security guards be polite & courteous to people? Just because I spoke in kannada – it does not mean he has to abuse and threaten me…”

His second tweet read: Have made a verbal complaint to Ticketing Staff & Customer Care person on Security guard abusive behaviour for speaking in kannada this evening. Security guard does not speak kannada or allows anyone to speak in Kannada at Metro. Is it right thing at Karnataka?”

When CPRO was asked about the incident, he said he was not aware about it. But he assured that he will find out and get back to the press.

This is not the first time such an incident has come to light. Such incidents have happened in past and BMRCL had also proposed posting on Kannada-speaking staffers across all Bangalore Metro stations.


  1. A frivolous reporting. In fact all information, hoardings, posters, announcements etc at Namma metro station or trains should mandatorily be made in Kannada, Hindi and English please.

  2. Hello sir I have information for you I am in Andhra Pradesh Anantapur . I talk to Telugu and Kannada light English so give me a one chance I am waiting for you your call sir thank you


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