Bangalore Metro to be the First Metro in India to Use AI to Monitor Tracks

The pilot train, with a track monitoring system, autonomously assesses track conditions and triggers alerts through AI software upon detecting anomalies.

Driverless Coaches for Bangalore Metro’s Yellow Line
Bangalore Metro (Representational; Image)
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BANGALORE (Metro Rail News): Namma metro is all set to use AI for track monitoring in its upcoming lot of Driverless trains for the Yellow Line metro. 

Track Inspection 

Before beginning revenue service, a pilot train run with track and third-rail maintenance personnel aboard is conducted. These individuals visually inspect both the track and the third rail, which supplies electricity to trains via an additional rail adjacent to the tracks.

Personnel On-board

The inaugural journey of the day, known as the pilot train, comprises personnel from various teams, such as rolling stock, traction, signalling, and track maintenance. This train consistently maintains a reduced speed to examine all obstacles and potential issues along the route thoroughly.

AI into Play 

The pilot train, equipped with a track monitoring system, autonomously assesses the condition of the track. If any anomalies are detected, it triggers alerts through AI software. By implementing this system in two train sets,  redundancy is established to mitigate potential defects in one set. However, due to cost constraints, BMRCL has yet to outfit all train sets with this technology. 

How does it work? 

Monitoring primarily depends on a camera-based system, transmitting track images to a server. With AI assistance, the system produces alerts. Alerts are promptly sent to Operation Control Centers (OCC) via the Train Control and Management System (TCMS) if a significant issue arises.


These are 6-Coach trains that will run on the tracks of Bangalore Metro’s Yellow Line. The coaches have electric signages above the doors to showcase routes, advertisements, notices, information, etc. 

Driverless Technology 

These driverless coaches will be introduced as a part of the Communication-Based Train Control (CBTC) System, commonly known as “Driverless Technology”. It will also reduce the headway to 90 seconds from the existing two & a half minutes. Although it will be driverless trains, the BMRCL has decided to deploy Loco Pilots to allay passengers. 

The Contract 

BMRCL awarded the contract for the same in December 2019. As per the contract, 4RS-DM 2 trains will be supplied by CRRSC, while the remaining 36 will be assembled locally by Titagarh Rail Systems in West Bengal. 

Yellow Line 

The 18.82 Km long under-construction metro line connects RV Road with Bommasandra. It is a fully elevated metro route with 16 stations. It connects with the Green Line of Bangalore Metro at RV Road Station & with the Pink Line at Jayadeva Hospital station. It is expected to open by early 2024.

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