Bhubaneswar Metro: MIA Secures Phulapokhari Depot’s Construction Contract

Bhubaneswar Metro (The image is for representation only.)
Bhubaneswar Metro (The image is for representation only.)

Bhubaneswar (Metro Rail News): Last week on June 7, Delhi Metro Rail Corporation declared MIA Construction Pvt. Ltd. as the lowest bidder for the civil construction work of Phulapkhari Depot & Workshop of Bhubaneswar Metro Phase 1 project.

Phulapokhar depot will be constructed under Package BBC-02 on a 16-hectare plot in Phulapokhari. This depot will accommodate three coach trains to maintain Bhubaneswar Metro’s 26 km Line-1.

Bhubaneswar Metro: MIA Secures Phulapokhari Depot’s Construction Contract 2

The Contract BBC-02 entails Civil Works for Construction of Bhubaneswar Metro Depot Cum Workshop, OCC Buildings including Plumbing, Drainage, External Development Works etc. and Road Works of Bhubaneswar MRTS Phase-I Project.

Contract BBC-02 involves civil works for the Bhubaneswar Metro Depot cum Workshop, including the construction of OCC (Operations Control Centre) buildings. The scope covers a broad range of tasks, such as plumbing, drainage systems, and various external development activities. Additionally, the contract includes the development of road infrastructure, which is part of the Bhubaneswar MRTS (Mass Rapid Transit System) Phase-I Project. 

In January 2024, Delhi Metro Rail Corporation floated the tender for the civil work of Phulapokhari Depot, estimating the cost at Rs. 104.74 crore and providing a 36-month (3-year) deadline for completion of work.

In early April, DMRC opened technical bids for Package BBC-02, revealing 22 bidders. However, 12 of these bidders were disqualified due to non-compliance with the tender’s conditions.

MIA Construction Pvt. Ltd.79.75 Crore
Amara Raja Infra Pvt. Ltd.88.71 Crore
Quality Buildcon Pvt. Ltd.88.71 Crore
Himcon Engineers India Pvt. Ltd.91.25 Crore
Lisha Engineers Pvt. Ltd.94.07 Crore
Ranjit Buildcon Ltd.98.31 Crore
SPD Constructions Pvt. Ltd.99.37 Crore
Shree Balaji Engicons Ltd.100.66 Crore
Dineshchandra R.Agrawal Infracon Pvt. Ltd.127.54 Crore
URC Construction (P) Ltd.145.35 Crore

With a bid of Rs. 79.75 crore, M I A Construction presented a substantially lower bid than DMRC’s estimated Rs. 104.74 crore,  indicating that the contract will likely be awarded in the coming weeks without an extensive financial bid evaluation period. Currently, construction is underway for a precast boundary wall around the depot’s premises under Package BBC-01.

Bhubaneswar Metro Phase 1

The state government of Odisha approved the Detailed Project Report (DPR) of Phase 1 on November 14, 2023, at an estimated cost of Rs. 5926.38 crore. As per the DPR (prepared by DMRC), phase 1 will feature 1 corridor, connecting Trisulia Square with Biju Patnaik Airport through 20 elevated stations. Odisha CM Shri Naveen Patnaik laid the project’s foundation stone on January 1, 2024.


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