Bids approved for Bahrain Metro Rail project

Al Zayani Engineering among firms has been shortlisted by Bahrain’s Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunication.


Bahrain (Metro Rail News): Three bids to provide transaction advisory services for the Bahrain Metro Rail project has made it on to the shortlist.

Bahrain’s Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunication has announced that Al Zayani Engineering, KPMG, and PwC have been shortlisted to assist in the delivery of a USD 2billion project that forms a component of the kingdom’s Public Transport Masterplan 2030.

The successful bidder will consult on the financial, technical and legal documents that will accompany the tender of the design, construction, and operation of phase one of the development.

The project will feature a 184km network made up of six lines and is being implemented in four phases. In the first phase, two lines running 30km will be built covering 20 stations.

Bids from Deloitte, Gulf International Bank, Lazard Freres, Parsons Global Services and Ernst & Young were rejected by the ministry.


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