Centre requests Maharashtra govt to think over on moving Metro depot to Kanjurmarg

DMRC has recorded their own experience that inducting trains from the depot consistently at a frequency of four minutes continuously for three or more hours is a challenging task.

Mumbai Metro Depot
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MUMBAI (Metro Rail News): The central government has asked the Maharashtra government to think over its decision of moving the Metro Depot from Aarey Colony to Kanjurmarg. The ministry of housing and urban affairs (MoHUA) in its letter on 17th March has mentioned the reports conducted by Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) and SYSTRA which was appointed by MMRDA. The reports point out technical difficulties in daily operation of Metro 3 and 6 lines if the car depot is shifted from Aarey to Kanjurmarg. The MoHUA mentioned that it would not be a good decision to shift the location of car depot because the project has reached on advanced stage.

“In this background and findings in the DMRC report, the Government of Maharashtra is requested to rethink their decision to shift the Depot of Line 3 from Aarey Colony to Kanjurmarg. GoM is requested to allow restart of the depot work of Line 3 at Aarey Colony for expeditious completion of the project of public interest with due exploration of possible optimization in the present plans of Depot at Aarey itself. The project is already inordinately delayed and it is expected that there will be further delay in the project if uncertainties continue. This project is much awaited to solve the traffic problem of Mumbaikars to a considerable extent,” states the letter written by Sunil Kumar, under secretary, MoHUA.

DMRC has recorded their own experience that inducting trains from the depot consistently at a frequency of four minutes continuously for three or more hours is a challenging task. There is a compromised time of maintenance window due to running of Line 3 trains for 7.5 km on Line 6 network upto Kanjurmarg. This will have a bad impact on restoration time in case of failure of Line 3 trains during the regulation operation period.

“DMRC and SYSTRA both agree that the above constraints are inherited with the integrated depot for the present respective layout of two given Line 3 and Line 6. Ideally, lines should be catered with individual depots. As MRTS projects are massive projects in terms of cost, infrastructure and impact, decisions should be taken duly considering long term viability and sustainability. As analysed by SYSTRA integration of Line 3 and Line 6 is feasible with above listed constraints.
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Thus, the proposed integration of two lines at Seepz village station will be a permanent risk to reliable train operations of both the lines,” it states further.

The letter also mentioned that the land at Aarey is sufficient and to meet the current as well as design life traffic requirements up to the year 2055, it would not be advisable to shift the location of the depot to Kanjurmarg. Also, the land at Aarey is free from all the encumbrances whereas the land at Kanjurmarg is under multiple litigations.

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  1. Y to change or decide the project which is been decided at one place and empty the other places where people are living and working .keep the project at the decided place


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