Chandigarh Metro to be Delayed Owing to Indecisiveness on Proposed Mohali Depot 

A loom of indecisiveness lies over acquiring 30 acres of land for the Mohali Sector 87’s depot in the Proposed AAR of the Chandigarh Metro.

Chandigarh metro (Representational image)
Chandigarh metro (Representational image)

CHANDIGARH (Metro Rail News): The concern over RITES‘s proposed Alternative Alignment Report is the Punjab government’s inability to secure land for the depot in Sector 87, Mohali. 


As per the AAR submitted by RITES, the Chandigarh Metro has two depots, 30 acres each: 

  1. Mohali’s Sector 87 
  2. New Chandigarh (Mullanpur) 

Generally, activities such as maintenance & inspection are carried out in Depots. 

Cost Overrun 

Punjab’s chief secretary, Anurag Verma, informed the UT administration that since the land in Mohali is quite expensive, it would invite cost overrun and that they are ready to acquire the land in New Chandigarh. He has also suggested the UT administration have a Depot in Chandigarh instead of Mohali. 

Another Depot 

The Haryana Government has already agreed to construct another depot in Sector 27, Panchkula, and has also submitted the proposal to the UT administration. 

Alternative Route 

The UT administration has asked the Punjab Administration to finalise an alternative route for the depot if the proposed site is unavailable.  

Delay in DPR 

This will invite an indispensable delay in the Submission of DPR to the central government. There remains a significant issue of alignment of the metro to be decided by the central government, that is, to facilitate an underground or elevated route. 

Pros & Cons of Alignment 

The elevated alignment will disturb the aesthetic appeal of the  UT, while the underground alignment will increase the cost by over 70%. A Chandigarh Heritage Conservation Committee (CHCC) sub-panel has also requested the Mohua to keep the alignment entirely underground.  

Chandigarh Metro 

Rail India Technical & Economic Services (RITES) has submitted the Alignment Option Report (AOR) to the Chandigarh administration. 

Phase 1 Corridors  

The proposed 89-km-long Phase 1 of the Chandigarh Metro entails three corridors: 

  1. Paraul (New Chandigarh)-Sarangpur-ISBT Panchkula to Panchkula Extension34 km
  2. Rock Garden to Zirakpur ISBT via Industrial Area and Airport- 42 km
  3. Grain Market Chowk, Sector 39, to Transport Chowk, Sector 2613 km

Among these, the 3rd Corridor along the Madhya Marg, running from Sector 26 to Sector 39, will be fully elevated. In contrast, the other two will be mostly elevated, with only a few sections underground. 

Phase 2 Corridors  

As per the submitted AOR, Phase 2 of the Chandigarh Metro will be around 25 Km divided into two corridors: 

  1. Airport Chowk to Manakpur Kallar (5 km)
  2. ISBT Zirakpur to Pinjore (20 km)

Development work on Phase 2 will begin only once the development works on the corridors of Phase 1 end by 2034. 


Chandigarh urgently requires the establishment of a metro rail system due to various factors, including:

  1. Elevated Traffic Volume: The substantial increase in vehicles on the roads necessitates an efficient public transportation alternative.
  2. Population Surge: The rising population near Chandigarh underscores the need for a convenient and extensive metro network to accommodate the growing commuter demand.
  3. Economic Prosperity and Investments: With escalating affluence and heightened investments in Chandigarh, the city benefits significantly from a well-structured metro system.

Anticipating the advent of a robust public transport system, the residents of Chandigarh eagerly await the implementation of a metro service in the city.

Let’s hope for the conundrum to be resolved soon and for the Chandigarh metro to hit the track, easing people’s connectivity and commute.

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