Chennai Metro introduces monthly pass with unlimited rides

The new card will cost Rs 2,500, with a refundable deposit of Rs 50 for unlimited rides on the 45-km network.

Chennai Metro
Chennai Metro

Chennai, Metro Rail News: Chennai Metro Rail Limited (CMRL) has introduced a monthly pass that allows commuters unlimited rides
The new card will cost ₹2,500, with a refundable deposit of ₹50.

According to the official If a commuter buys this new monthly card, he can travel anywhere on the 45-km stretch and take any number of rides. He can take rides for 30 days. The card itself is valid for three months; he can recharge this card in case he wants to continue using it,”.

Chennai Metro has a smart card that provides a 10% discount) and a trip card that offers a 20% discount and allows people to take a fixed number of rides between two stations). While smartcards were introduced for commuters to avoid waiting in queues.

Currently, there is a daily tourist card which allows people to take unlimited rides in Rs. 100.

The new monthly tourist card is for office goers and tourists who use the metro rail facility multiple times a day.

Too expensive’

V. Subramani from Traffic and Transportation Forum (TTF) said that while the monthly card was a welcome move, it was expensive. “They could bring it down by ₹1,000; if they do, it will bring in more passengers,” he added.

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