Chennai Metro Rail to prepare DPR for MRTS stations’ makeover

Chennai Metro Rail to Prepare DPR MRTS Station Revamp

Chennai (Metro Rail News): Chennai Metro Rail is gearing up to prepare a Detailed Project Report (DPR) to enhance facilities and streamline commuter experiences at all Mass Rapid Transit System (MRTS) stations in the city.

With the forthcoming takeover of the MRTS by Chennai Metro Rail, the Chennai Unified Metropolitan Transport Authority (CUMTA) is prioritising the improvement of station amenities and the promotion of commercial development. Comprehensive plans have been formulated to achieve these objectives.

An official of CUMTA stated, ‘We have tasked Chennai Metro Rail with preparing a detailed project report. It will constitute an exhaustive study identifying the deficiencies in the facilities necessary for commuters at each of the MRTS stations and will propose methods for improvement. For example, the report will outline areas requiring additional escalators and lifts, along with strategies for their enhanced maintenance.’

According to the officials from Chennai Metro Rail Limited (CMRL), they plan to initiate the bidding process for the Detailed Project Report (DPR) once the model code of conduct concludes. Subsequently, they will select a consultant to conduct the study. The expected timeline for the submission of the report is approximately 4-5 months.

The report will include crucial factors like assessing the development of the neighbourhood areas surrounding each station so the commuters can easily walk down to the station. Additionally, CUMTA has formulated a blueprint aims to maximise the utilisation of station space and facilitate commercial development.

CUMTA is currently waiting for approval from the Railway Board for the takeover of MRTS which is expected to come within the next two months.

“We have completed the concept paper for the commercial development of 18 stations. Although the takeover process will be fully completed in a couple of years, we want commuters to gradually see improvements at stations. Therefore, we are doing the preparatory work and keeping things ready before the in-principle approval and the signing of the MoU,” stated the official as reported by The Hindu

In the coming years, the main priority will be to enhance the stations, aiming to enrich the overall passenger experience. The ultimate objective is to achieve integration between the MRTS and the Chennai Metro Rail system, thereby enhancing mobility and convenience for commuters.


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