CM Kamal Nath lays foundation stone for Rs. 6941 Cr Bhopal Metro Project

The Bhopal Metro will be like the Jaipur Metro. It will have three coaches, Coaches will also be increased as the number of passengers increases.


BHOPAL (Metro Rail News): Madhya Pradesh Cheif Minister Shri Kamal Nath laying the foundation stone of Bhopal Metro Project today in the capital.

It will comprise two corridors of 27 km, the work will be done in two phases. The first phase is targeted to be completed by 2022.

Bhopal Metro Foundation Lays Banner at Hosangabad Road 3
Preparation for Bhopal Metro Foundation Stone

After a long wait, finally, Bhopal is going to get the gift of Metro train. Chief Minister Kamal Nath M.P. Near Gayatri Mandir in Nagar Zone I, he is laying the foundation stone of this project. However, it will still take about three years to run on the metro track.

Bhopal Metro Map
Bhopal Metro Map

27 km of Journey of Bhopal Metro

At present, 27.87 km of lines will be laid in the metro rail project in Bhopal. 2 corridors will be built in it. A corridor will be from Karond Circle to AIIMS with a length of 14.94 km. Another track of 12.88 km will be laid from Bhadbhada Chauraha to Ratnagiri Square. The metro will cost 6941 crore 40 lakh.

The 28 stations of Bhopal Metro

be the elevated section of 26.08 km in the Bhopal metro project, in which a total of 28 stations will be built. The underground section will be 1.79 km, which will have 2 stations. The first part is targeted to be completed by December 2022. The schedule of the metro train in Bhopal will be like Delhi. The train will run every five minutes and there will be a 30 second stop at each station.

Bhopal Metro Foundation Lays Banner at Hosangabad Road 2
Bhopal Metro Foundation Stone Banner

The train will be like Jaipur Metro

The Bhopal Metro will be like the Jaipur Metro. It will have three coaches, Coaches will also be increased as the number of passengers increases. A 6.22 km route will be built in the first phase. There will be 8 stations on this route and it will take 10 minutes to travel.
journey from AIIMS to Subhash Nagar Gate will be completed in 10 minutes. Subhash Nagar Underpass, Aayakar Bhawan, DB City, Sargam, Habibganj Station, DRM Office, Alkapuri and AIIMS Station have been placed on this route.

Bhopal Metro Foundation Lays Banner at Hosangabad Road
Bhopal Metro Foundation Stone

What has happened so far:

Tenders worth Rs 278 crore have been received for Bhopal Metro. Soil testing and design testing are done. Pile testing has also been successful for a load capacity in the ground. Pile testing was done at three locations below-ground. The technical background work of the metro has been completed.

Speed: 80 km per hour – the speed limit will be up to 90 km / h on the metra rail track. However, the Metro train will run at a maximum speed of 80 km / h. 

Fare: Not yet fixed for metro – The fare of Jaipur Metro is five to 15 rupees. However, the fare of Bhopal Metro is yet to be decided.

When will it run – the target of running the Bhopal Metro is 2023. However, the Chief Minister has asked to complete the work before the scheduled time.

The big question: will the traffic bottleneck be less? –  The population of Bhopal is around 25 lakh, while the number of vehicles in the city is 18 lakh 47 thousand. Such traffic pressure is high. Nearly two lakh vehicles pass through the peak hours of the morning and evening on this route, thus the introduction of Metra rail on this route will reduce the traffic load.

Today the traffic plan will change – will be applicable from 9 am to 1 pm. During this time, there will be traffic divert from Gurudev Gupta intersection towards Government Press and in front of Reserve Bank of India headquarters towards MP Nagar, Arera Hills, Ministry etc.

Congress did not do everything… I have never lived in the narrowness of the battle for credit. All the formalities of Bhopal and Indore metro were completed by the BJP government, only the foundation stone was left. Congress should lay its foundation stone, but do not say that they have done it in 9 months. – Shivraj Singh Chauhan, former Chief Minister



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