CMRL announced to install platform screen doors on elevated stations in phase-2

Chennai Metro Rail Limited (CMRL) announced a bid to design, manufacture, install, and commission doors for the 27 stations in the 26.1 km corridor-4 from Lighthouse to Poonamallee bypass.

Representational image
Representational image

CHENNAI (Metro Rail News): For the safety of the passengers now platform screen doors will be installed on all the elevated stations in the 118.9 km phase-2 network. Recently Chennai Metro Rail Limited (CMRL) announced its decision on the bid to design, manufacture, install as well as commission doors for the 27 stations in the 26.1 km corridor-4 from Lighthouse to Poonamallee bypass recently.

18 stations in corridor-4 will have half-height platform screen doors on 36 platforms, and nine stations will have full-height platform screen doors on 18 platforms. Platform screen doors for three-car trains will be planned and installed. These doors are mainly used for passenger protection as they prevent falling from the platform as well as intentionally jumping from the platform.

The trains in phase-2 will be driverless which makes the platform screen doors more important as all operations will be automatic. Phase-2 features 48 underground and 80 elevated stations. Officials said platform screen doors also prevent accidents when service trains pass through stations at high speed, and they reduce the force of gravity on passengers, which can result in a fall over the tracks in few situations.

As the doors reduce vibration from the tunnels and trains, they also improve the sound quality of platform announcements. These are closely related to the signalling system since it automatically opens when it joins the doors of a train that stops at a platform. The Platform screen doors will include manual secondary doors for an emergency evacuation of passengers from the train away from the station, emergency escape doors that do not open automatically, and fixed screens, which will keep passengers from falling off the tracks.



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