Dehradun Metro Comprehensive Mobility Plan Ready, To Ply Over 1.69 Lakh Passengers Daily

CMP also mentions future extension of ISBT-Kandoli corridor and suggests two options - first one connecting Kandoli to Canal road and the second connecting Kandoli and Mussoorie Road.

Uttarakhand’s First Metro Project: Comprehensive Plan Ready For Dehradun, To Ply Over 1.69 Lakh Passengers Daily
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Dehradun, Metro Rail News: After the construction of a Metro Rail Project based on Light Rail Transit System (LRTS), more than 1.69 lakh passengers will travel daily on the two corridors of Doon. This has been mentioned in the Comprehensive Mobility Plan (CMP). Also, according to the plan, the conductor from ISBT and the FRI from Raipur in Doon is considered to be more favorable. 

Uttarakhand Metro Rail Corporation’s Managing Director Jitendra Tyagi said that CMP has given two different options for the two corridors of Doon. In both options the first corridor was kept from ISBT to Kandoli, while two corridors were given two options. In this one, the FRI was given the option to connect the RSPNA bridge and the other with the FRI in Raipur area. In both options, the passenger number is almost identical, while the length of the respasement bridge is reduced by two kilometers. In this way, the total cost will be reduced by about Rs 280 crore, but in this area, a suitable place for the maintenance depot is not available.

At the same time, the place for making a maintenance depot in the Raipur region will be easily available. Technically, getting a place for a depot is more important. In this way, the project will be carried forward only on the second corridor (from FRI to Raipur). In the extension of the corridor, Mussoorie is also mentioning the future of extension of Condolee Corridor from ISBT in future Mobility Plan. In this sense, two options for this corridor were given from Kandoli to Canal Road and Kandoli to Mussoorie Road. In both, the length of the extension portion is 3.51 km, but in the number of passengers, on the part of the Mussoorie road, the number of passengers is reported to be around 10 thousand  

However, the technical glare is also stuck here. There is a shortage of place for the mentin depot in the canal road, while this place will be available on Mussoorie Road. However, this deficiency can be completed after the creation of the Mussoorie Ropeway project. 

Minimum fares for Metro will be 13 rupees 

Uttarakhand Metro Rail Corporation’s Managing Director Jitendra Tyagi said that the rent has been fixed for the year 2023 for Doon Corridor. The minimum fare will be 13 rupees.

The rent will decide like


Rent (in Rs.) 





while the maximum fare will be 40 rupees. 

672 crores earnings as soon as the Metro starts 

According to Manager Director Tyagi, revenue of about 672 crore rupees will be made annually as soon as the operation of the metro begins. While the total expenditure will be around Rs 524 crore. In this way, the LRTS-based project will run in benefits from the beginning and the cost of construction (around Rs 4 thousand crore in Doon Corridor) will not require any financial support from the government in the future.

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