Delhi Metro | DMRC unreadable metro cards to be turned into smart cards

DMRC Metro Card

New Delhi: In a bid to improve customer service, Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) has simplified the process of reclaiming unreadable cards. These cards end up becoming unreadable due to technical issues when presented at the entry point at the automatic fare collection gates.

These cards were earlier deposited at the metro station and later collected by users. The physical cards had to be reclaimed after five days. Now DMRC plans to turn these physical cards into brand new smart cards for commuters.

Riders have to collect the smart cards from the customer care desk at Delhi Metro station. This service is offered free of cost to commuters as per metro officials.

These new cards can be recharged as per the requirement of the customers. Alternatively, they can use the card or token made available on the station. The idea is to offer seamless travel to patrons of the metro.

DMRC had to take this step to reduce customer grievance. As per the current situation, if the card becomes unreadable owing to technical faults, customers had to wait for five or more days to reclaim it. They had to deposit the card at customer care desk and then come after five days or more to collect. There were instances when a rider had to come to wait for longer days before the technical issue was sorted for their card.

DMRC feels that with this new system customers will no longer have to wait or waste time to reclaim the card. For unreadable cards, customers will have to hand over the card at metro counters and get a brand new smart card. This will reduce customer inconvenience and facilitate hassle-free travel.

The smart card can be used after five days from the date it has been issued. This card will have the balance amount which can be used for paying the metro fare at any of the stations.

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