Delhi metro opens all its gates to commuters after 2 months

Now the metros are running at full capacity which is a big relief for the commuters as all the offices have now started work from the office.

Delhi Metro
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DELHI (Metro Rail News): As the covid cases in India as well as in Delhi are decreasing the government has decided to remove all the curbs on travelling by public transport. The DMRC has also opened all its gates to commuters from 1st March 2022. Which were closed due to restrictions during the peak covid time to control the spread of the virus and maintain proper social distancing.

When the social distancing regulations were in place, the metro decided to close some of its gates on every station to control the crowd to restrict the movements as per the guidelines of the government. Now when all the gates are being opened the people are very happy as before they had to wait in long lines outside the metro stations due to checking and sanitization. Now the metros are running in full capacity which is a big relief for the commuters as all the offices have now started work from the office.

The metro officials have also expressed their gratitude to the public. “We express thanks and gratitude to its passengers for following the protocols during the pandemic. Indeed, without your cooperation, we could not have operated the metro despite the constraints posed by the pandemic.”, the officials said.

“We will continue to try our best to provide a safe and comfortable journey. However, let us remember that Covid-19 is not over yet. Let us follow all necessary protocols.” “The DMRC will maintain the highest level of hygiene and cleanliness for the passengers.
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Our trains and stations are being frequently sanitized and rules will be stringently followed,” they added.

The DMRC has promised that they will try to maintain the best decorum on the stations and will follow all the protocols to be of the best service to the people of Delhi.

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