Dogus-Soma Resumes Mumbai Metro’s TBM 1239 towards Mahalaxmi

Mumbai Metro Line 3
Image for Representation.

MUMBAI (Metro Rail News): Recently, Workers from Dogus-Soma JV recommissioned their second tunnel boring machine (TBM) 1239 from Science Museum Station’s southern-end towards Mahalaxmi Station for Mumbai Metro’s 33.5 km underground Line-3 (Aqua Line).
This 6.65m Robbins slurry machine, nicknamed Tansa 2, had achieved a breakthrough at Worli Station in March 2020 from Science Museum Station after a 2057 meter journey for building the down-line tunnel to record the second out of 6 planned for package UGC-03 (Worli – Mumbai Central). Following that, its cutter head and shields – weighing 480 MT – were retrieved as one complete unit in August, transported through the city’s streets, and lowered back into Science Museum in September.
This weekend, the TBM began its second assignment to build the 1118m up-line tunnel towards Mahalaxmi Station from where it will be dragged to the station box’s southern-end and recommissioned onwards to Mumbai Central Station for its final 837m assignment.

Its sister machine TBM 1238 (Tansa-1), which was recommissioned in September for the parallel down-line tunnel, has since built 74 rings (approx. 103 meters) towards Mahalaxmi Station.

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