Electric Trains Now Operating in Meghalaya for the First Time

Abhayapuri-Pancharatna and Dudhnai-Mendipathar key sections now electrified

Indian Railways
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MEGHALAYA (Metro Rail News): The Indian Railway aims to become a net zero carbon emitter by 2030 and is progressing at full throttle towards complete electrification. With this, another milestone is achieved as the first electric train is now operational in Meghalaya. The Indian Railways has completed electrification work on key sections between Abhayapuri and Pancharatna, as well as Dudhnai and Mendipathar, marking a significant milestone in the complete electrification of the railway system. The Central Organization for Railway Electrification (CORE) was responsible for the electrification work on these sections. The Northeast Frontier Railway has achieved milestone by commissioning a 22.823-kilometer single-line section between Dudhnai and Mendipathar, as well as a 34.59-kilometer double line section between Abhayapuri and Pancharatna on March 15, 2023.

Mendipathar has been the only operational railway station in Meghalaya since 2014. With the commissioning of electric traction, trains pulled by electric locomotives can now operate directly from Mendipathar, resulting in an increase in their average speed. Electric locomotives hauling parcel and freight-carrying trains from other states will also be able to reach Meghalaya directly.

The electrification of these key railway sections will bring a significant improvement in the mobility of trains in Northeast India, while reducing pollution and increasing the efficiency of the railway system in the region. This will facilitate seamless traffic and save time for trains moving to and from northeastern states, as well as save precious foreign exchange.


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