First Pier Cap for Elevated Corridor-I Launched Near Mithapur Metro Station

Patna Metro achieves a significant milestone by launching a 70-ton precast Pier Cap for the elevated Corridor-I section.

The launch of a 70-ton precast Pier Cap
The launch of a 70-ton precast Pier Cap

PATNA (Metro Rail News): The first 70-ton Precast Pier Cap for the elevated Corridor-I segment close to the Mithapur metro station was successfully launched. This accomplishment represents a crucial turning point in constructing the city’s metro infrastructure.

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The 10.098-meter-long Pier Cap was carefully placed at Pier/pillar number 115 on the viaduct close to the Mithapur metro station. The opening of this Pier Cap marks the beginning of the spectacular 17.93-kilometre elevated Corridor-I.

There are 14 stations along Corridor-I, with both elevated and underground facilities.  Danapur Cantonment, Saguna More, RPS More, Patliputra, Mithapur, Ramkrishna Nagar, and Jaganpura are elevated stations along this corridor.Untitled design 38

On the other hand, underground stations include Rukanpura, Raja Bazar, Patna Zoo, Vikas Bhawan, Vidyut Bhawan, and Patna Station. In addition, for commuters’ comfort and improved connectivity, the corridor also has interchanges at Patna Station and Khemni Chak stations.

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With the assistance of a crane, the Pier-Cap is raised onto the Pier after being predicted at the casting yard. After this essential step, U-Girders will be placed between two Pier Caps to serve as a framework for later installing Metro lines.

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The opening of the initial Pier Cap indicates the team’s expertise and commitment to the Patna Metro project. The authorities are still dedicated to finishing the project and ensuring the metro is operating right away, serving the needs of the public and completely transforming Patna’s transportation system.


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