Ghaziabad-Noida Airport RRTS Corridor to Have 11 Stations, Feasibility Report Ready 

The stretch will be made up of 2 separate stretches of Metro & RRTS with a total of 15 & 11 no of stations respectively.

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NOIDA (Metro Rail News): In a  welcoming development, NCRTC has furnished the preliminary readings of the feasibility report for the RRTS link between  Noida Airport & Ghaziabad. 


The feasibility report has suggested the following alignment: 

  1. 37.15 Km long Metro/RRTS between Ghaziabad & Kasna 
  2. 35.11 Km Long RRTS corridor between Kasna & Noida Airport

The first stretch will have a total of 22 stations, 15 for metro & 7 for the RRTs while the second stretch will have 4 stations. 

Metro/RRTS between Ghaziabad & Kasna 

The proposed local metro module between Ghaziabad & Kasna will have 15 stations: Siddharth Vihar, Sector 16C in Greater Noida, Ecotech 12, sectors 2, 3, 10 and 12 in Greater Noida, near Surajpur, Malakpur, Ecotech 2, Knowledge Park 3, Gamma 1, Omega 2, Phi 3 and Ecotech IE.

NCRTC has suggested a local metro module on this route as it passes through the residentially populated areas of Noida & Greater Noida. The project, through this, aims to ensure that the residents of Ghaziabad, Greater Noida & YEIDA not only enjoy RRTs but also popper accessibility to metros etc.  

RRTS Corridor between Kasna & Noida Airport

The Second stretch between Kasna & Noida Airport will be 35.11 km long with a total of 4 number of stations. The proposed stations are Dankaur, Yeida North (sector 18), Yeida Central (sector 21, 35) and the Noida airport.

The NCRTC has plans to develop the second stretch too with the same module as the first stretch, precisely with a parallel metro alignment to serve plans of the authorities, of a township or something crops up in the region. 


The DPR for the project is expected to be ready within the upcoming 2-3 months. The project is anticipated to be operational by 2030 if everything goes as planned. 


The Uttar Pradesh (UP) Government had already finalised the RRTS route connecting the Noida International Airport in Jewar with Ghaziabad RRTS Station through Greater Noida West, Surajpur and Pari Chowk back in the first week of January. 


The project has already got approval from the government of Uttar Pradesh at an estimated cost of Rs 16,000 Crore that will connect the Noida Greenfield Airport in Jewar with the entire NCR that entails NOIDA, Greater Noida, Delhi, Meerut, etc. 


The proposed plan for the funding is as follows: 

Agency Share 
Government of UP 50%
Government of India 20%
YEIDA + Greater Noida 30%

Noida Airport 

The commencement of operations for the Noida airport is anticipated by December 2024, with a projected capacity to accommodate approximately 71 million passengers daily by the fiscal year 2042-43. To facilitate a seamless connection between the airport and its surrounding region, the state government has approached the NCRTC to prepare a feasibility report for the construction of a high-speed train corridor to facilitate efficient transportation to and from the airport.

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