Hyderabad Metro Loyalty Program: Travel More, Grab Exciting Gifts


HYDERABAD (Metro Rail News): Hyderabad Metro Rail has launched an innovative “Metro Loyalty Program” designed to reward the frequent commuters of its network. This initiative aims to appreciate loyal passengers by offering them a variety of exciting gifts, thus motivating them to use the metro services more frequently.

L&T Hyderabad Metro Rail’s tweet launching Metro Loyalty Program

The program is accessible to passengers who use any type of Smart Card, which includes the Nebula smart card, Student pass, and Holiday card. This inclusivity ensures that all segments of commuters can benefit from the program, regardless of the card type they possess.

Program Mechanics

To qualify for the rewards, passengers must complete a specified number of trips in a single calendar month. The rewards can then be claimed in the following month. For example, trips completed in March can be used to claim gifts in April. However, trips completed in March will expire after April 30th, and cannot be used for claims in subsequent months. Additionally, once a gift is claimed for a certain number of trips, those trips cannot be used again for more rewards.

Hyderabad Metro's loyalty program details.
Hyderabad Metro’s loyalty program details.
  • Validity: The eligibility to claim a gift is solely based on the number of trips completed in the immediately preceding calendar month.
  • Reset of Trips: Trips used to claim gifts will be nullified in terms of eligibility for future rewards.
  • Non-Accumulation: Trips cannot be carried over across different months to accumulate and claim higher-tier gifts.

Gift Redemption Process

Eligible customers can claim their gifts at the Metro Merchandise stall located at Ameerpet station. The redemption is available from Monday to Friday between 4 pm to 8 pm. However, the distribution of gifts is subject to the availability of stock, which means early redemption is encouraged to ensure the availability of preferred items.

Based on the number of trips completed, the rewards are categorized into different slabs:

  • 40-50 trips: Options include a Keychain, Caps, or a Branded Notepad.
  • 50-60 trips: Rewards include Mugs or a Mobile Stand.
  • 61-70 trips: Commuters can claim a T-Shirt.
  • 71 trips & above: A model train set is available for the most frequent travellers.
Hyderabad Metro: Customer Loyalty Stall at Ameerpet Metro Station

This loyalty program rewards commuters and is strategically positioned to boost ridership and promote the use of public transport. Hyderabad Metro aims to increase daily ridership and enhance the commuting experience by incentivising frequent travel through tangible rewards. The program also serves as a marketing tool to attract new users to the metro system, showcasing the benefits of regular travel beyond just convenience and cost-effectiveness.

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