Hyderabad Metro | Unofficial Hyderabad Metro Rail Apps Misguide Public

Unofficial applications are often filled with advertisements which allow them to earn revenue, whenever a user unknowingly downloads them.

Hyderabad Metro
Hyderabad Metro

Hyderabad (Metro Rail News): There are more than 20 apps have appeared on Google Play Store that is related to the Hyderabad Metro Rail. These apps primarily claim to give the timings and map information and mimic the functionality of legitimate apps to trick unsuspecting users into installing them.

Hyderabad Metro T-Savari Apps
A screenshot shows some of the Metro apps available on playstore. T-savaari is the only authentic app provided by L&THMRL.

They are often filled with advertisements which allow them to earn revenue, whenever a user unknowingly downloads them. The official app of the Hyderabad Metro goes by the name of ‘T-Savaari’ which was launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Due to lack of awareness of this app, some users have installed different apps which are giving them wrong information about train timings and other facilities.

“I installed the Hyderabad Metro Rail app, which said the first train was at 6 am and I saw a flyer which said it starts at 6.30 am. I had to quickly pick an alternative mode of transport to reach my destination” Said A commuter from KPHB, Mr B. Abhishek

Some users, who are unaware of the original app, have reached out through social media to L&T as well. A user who goes by the name Sarah Li also pointed out a similar issue through social media. These apps were created immediately after the Metro Rail was inaugurated but were not updated since.

A team of officials from L&T are dedicated to work on the app. This app is regularly updated and even shows timings of MMTS, RTC buses and other services like Ola and Metro bikes. HMRL managing director N.V.S Reddy, confirmed that there is only one app operational for the city metro which is the ‘T-Savaari’ app.

Since T-Savaari allows passengers to register for buying or recharging the Metro Rail card which involves money, officials are requesting users to be aware of such apps. An official said, “Most of the apps are giving basic information on timings, corridor and ticket pricing.”

Click here to download official (T-Savaari) Hyderabad Metro Rail Apps


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