ICF Develops New High Capacity Electric Multiple Unit (EMU) train


Chennai, Metro Rail News: ICF is now manufacturing coaches for the new generation Main Line Electric Multiple Unit (MEMU) with many features from India’s first Semi High-Speed Train Set, the Train 18. The Integral Coach Factory (ICF) has now come out with a new Electrical Multiple Unit (EMU), commonly known as an electric train, with a higher passenger capacity, said a top official. The official said that the new EMU is designed on the same principle as that of the Train 18, India’s first locomotive less train, that is fixing all the electrical items powering the train under the compartment. This, in turn, increases the passenger carrying capacity and also the passenger comfort.

“The new train could be said as the little sister for Train 18 or that is now undergoing trials,” S. Mani, General Manager, ICF.  The new EMUs also known as Mainline EMU in the railways parlance will cater to short distance intercity day travel. Currently, the EMUs are propelled by conventional direct current (DC) traction system and mounted on board in the driving motor coaches, Mani said.

ICF started making the new EMUs from 2018 which is more modern, maintenance friendly and energy efficient. The electric train can touch a maximum speed of 130 kmph, he said. The prototype of underslung EMU has been manufactured by ICF at a cost of Rs 26 crore slightly higher than the conventional train. ICF has recently rolled Train 18, India’s first modern semi-high speed trainset. The ICF has now taken up the task of introducing this underslung technology to other electric trains. Modern bogies of Train 18 are adopted for improved performance.

The brake system contains wheel mounted disc brakes and regeneration brakes for effective and quicker braking, Mani said.

Salient Features:

    • Regenerative braking saves about 35 per cent energy.
    • Stainless steel coach body.
    • Aerodynamically shaped stainless steel driving end nose.
    • Air-conditioned driver cabs and ergonomic driver desk.
    • Screw-less interior panels
    • Best in class cushion seats
    • Two toilets in passenger coaches and one toilet in Driving Motor Coach
    • CCTV surveillance system
    • GPS based passenger information/ announcement system
    • Capable of operating 130 KMPH with better travelling comfort for passengers

Talk Back system to enable passengers to talk to the driver in case of emergency The MEMUs currently in service have a carrying capacity of 2,402 passengers; that will be augmented by 9 percent now, enabling carrying of 2,618 passengers on board. Mani said the new design under-slung EMU rake would be ready for the flag off and subsequent tests and trials by December 15. He added that the ICF had requested Railway Board to allot this rake to Southern Railway which would enable easier monitoring performance.


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